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Thursday, December 1, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: The name game (Fairfax supervisor-district edition)

Editor’s Notebook: The name game (Fairfax supervisor-district edition)

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Regular readers know my affection for the late great chanteuse Shirley Ellis and her early-1960s linguistic fun one, “The Name Game.”

(Whatever you do, do not, repeat not, plug “Chuck” into her musical formula. “Bart” is bad enough …)

Ms. Ellis, who also gave us the superb dance-crazy hit “Nitty Gritty,” is no longer with us – sigh! – but the name game continues in her honor, this time around in Fairfax County, where members of the Board of Supervisors, about to rejigger the boundaries in the wake of the new census data, also seem inclined to change the names of some districts.

“Lee” has to be considered a goner. What about “Mason”? And there are the two plantations: “Mount Vernon” and “Sully.” (If you ad a “c” to that last one, you’d get “Scully,” and we’d all have to agree that the newly-turned-94-year-old Vin Scully is worthy of such an honor. Great broadcaster!)


As with all these renaming shenanigans, I really don’t care one way or another, but it does get ponderous to have the politicians move into arrogance overdrive as they try to show us how enlightened they are.

I will not give any hints, but next week’s editorial in the Fairfax edition will have a suggestion for the districts that should placate all sides in the culture wars. Which all but guarantees that the Fairfax supervisors won’t take it. But like the participles in some of these sentences, we’ll leave it dangling and see what transpires.

SHIRLEY YOU MUST BE JOKING: No, I am not joking: Below is some Shirley — Shirley Ellis doing “The Name Game,” that is.

Yes, it’s lip-synched rather than live, but those two haplessly out of time young honkies just behind her are so adorably dorky. (And by my math, they’re both about 75 years old now. Time marches on, but “The Name Game” is immortal!)

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