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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: The most important local election of 2022 just happened ...

Editor’s Notebook: The most important local election of 2022 just happened …

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… and it took place 2,400 miles away.

As if channeling their inner flight attendant, voters of San Francisco said “buh-bye” to radical district attorney Chesa Boudin in a lopsided recall vote, after having earlier ousted some of the nuttier members of that city’s School Board in the same fashion.

(Members of the mainstream media have returned to describing these folks as “liberals,” apparently because they recognize that the word “progressive” is becoming a toxic millstone and could hurt the chances of keeping Democrats on life support through the midterms. Really, media folks, do you think the public can’t figure out that game? These elected officials are wayyyyyyyyyyy to the left of traditional liberals, most of whom are just as appalled at their behavior in office as are others across the political spectrum.)

It’s largely of no real concern to we in the Dee-Emm-Veeeeeeeeeeeeee how politics plays out in the once glorious but now feces-, homeless- and crime-ridden San Francisco. The question is: Will our local Soros-funded commonwealth’s attorneys take heed and start to temper their own far-left tendencies to accommodate a political pendulum that is clearly swinging back to the center and perhaps over to the right?


Not that Northern Virginia’s prosecutors are at any risk of being ousted; Virginia (correctly) makes recalling elected officials very difficult, and one presumes the prosecutors of Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun will find little trouble in their bids for renomination as Democrats next year. The general election likely will be but a formality.

While Loudoun’s top prosecutor seems a tad politically clueless, those in Arlington and Fairfax are decidedly more savvy. Will they sashay a little to the center in coming months to try and follow the public mood, or at least put out the vibe that they are doing so? We can all wait and see, with fingers crossed.

— Scott McCaffrey

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