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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: The mind wanders at night

Editor’s Notebook: The mind wanders at night

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Maybe it’s the colder weather, maybe it’s the fact I’m juggling both an office move and a home move at the same time over the holiday season (stress, what stress?), but my nighttime dreams, admittedly weird even on their best days, have been getting weirder. And more political in nature.

In just the past two days, I’ve had dreams that included, in no particular order of affection because, heck, I like all of them, former Arlington School Board member Sally Baird, former Del. Bob Brink and current Arlington County Board member Takis Karantonis.

As Sgt. Schultz would say, I remember nothing — nothing! — about the specifics. In fact, all three might well have been speaking to me as Charlie Brown’s teacher did, in that trumpet voice. Soooooo annoying, but I digress ….


Anyway, I’m expecting the dreams to get even more odd as winter settles in. Perhaps it’s just the mind’s way of shedding stress overnight. One can hope.

A GOOD RUN, INDEED: We have coverage today of the death, earlier this month, of Roye Lowry, who among his other achievements (beyond living to 103, which is quite an achievement in itself) served on the Arlington County Board and then, later in life, was active in civic affairs even up to and past his 90th birthday.

I got to know Mr. Lowry, a lovely guy, through his work with the Arlington County Civic Federation, in which he was a faithful participant. In 2009, he received the federation’s Sun Gazette Cup for his work in the community.

That same year, he moved to Goodwin House, just over the Arlington line. He was right at home: It seems half of Arlington’s civic leaders over the years chose that as a retirement spot.

For those who like to tie up loose ends on details, Mr. Lowry was elected to the County Board in 1961 (under the aegis of Arlingtonians for a Better County) but lost four years later to Republican Dr. Kenneth Haggerty. In succession, the seat would be held by Ellen Bozman, Jay Fisette, Erik Gutshall and the current incumbent, Takis Karantonis.

  • Scott McCaffrey
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