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Friday, February 3, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: The Grinch is not amused

Editor’s Notebook: The Grinch is not amused

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Sometimes you finish up a day and have to say to yourself, “Self, we must have solved all the real problems of the world, because we spent the day fighting over stupid trivialities.”

Such was the case Tuesday, as the big story seemed to be how many white-supremacist tales could be found in the works of … Dr. Seuss.

Dr. Seuss? He’s the Joseph Goebbels of the modern era? Really??

To prove how stupid this whole endeavor was, the Seuss contretemps proved to be the lead story on WTTG’s 7 p.m. “Like It or Not,” a show so vapid that, if you sit quietly while watching, you can actually hear your own brain cells dying.


For the record, even as a little tyke, I was no fan of Dr. Seuss. Found it all non-sensical, which of course was largely the entire point of his writing. But li’l Scotty, then as now, was a literal kind of guy.

That being said, the idea that modern-day social-media warriors would be attacking his works just seems so bizarre. Kind of like the brouhaha not long ago over the lifestyle choices of Bert and Ernie from “Sesame Street.” (They’re puppets, people, they don’t have a “lifestyle” or a “choice” …)

Cynics would suggest, as indeed they did yesterday, that this all is being propagated by fundamentally angry and unhappy people who won’t be fulfilled until everyone is more unhappy than they are, so they are stripping the joy out of life. And if they have to call Dr. Seuss a white supremacist along the way, so be it.

Eventually, the pendulum will start swinging back to sanity. But how close to the edge of the cliff are we going to get before that starts?

Meanwhile, the country is insolvent, politics is broken, the media is broken, the educational system is broken, and this is the kind of thing we are focused on. Ah well.

MASON LOOKS TO ITS FUTURE: On a more substantive note, George Mason University yesterday held another forum focused on its campus-planning scenarios. Always an interesting thing to sit through on Zoom, so watch for upcoming coverage.

– Scott McCaffrey

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