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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: The Democrats' rural problem

Editor’s Notebook: The Democrats’ rural problem

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We’ll see if they actually want to come to grips with it, but last week’s Virginia election certainly showed Democrats have themselves a “rural problem.”

As Del. Alfonso Lopez put it yesterday during an online confab with senior Democrats in Arlington (and let me paraphrase): Republicans showed up in droves in the rural nooks and crannies of the commonwealth, Democrats did not.

In addition to helping propel Glenn Youngkin and other Republicans into top statewide office, that turn of events also cost Democrats a couple of seats in the House of Delegates … seats they needed to retain the majority that appears lost.

Time was at a premium and nobody asked it during the Q&A, so it’s not a surprise that Lopez did not offer up a road map to regain at least some of the rural vote. But Democrats better figure it out sooner rather than later. Because you can only lose some demographics by so much before it begins to cut into your ability to win.


(Lopez, who loves to crunch numbers and get down to the nitty-gritty of election results, noted that the Youngkin team came close but did not hit its targets for winning roughly 43 to 44 percent of the vote in broader Northern Virginia. Without that booming GOP vote downstate, failing to get to where they wanted to be up here could have allowed Terry McAuliffe to sashay back into the Governor’s Mansion. So while the Youngkin team was impressive, it was not infallible.)

Anyway, an interesting meeting and we’ll have some coverage coming up.

MOVING DAY APPROACHES: Our office in Falls Church is in one of the buildings that has been on the redevelopment chopping block almost since the day we moved in nearly six years ago. But moving time is almost upon us.

Almost everything points to a move across the street and one block to the east. And unlike the last, mmmm, three or so moves over 15 or so years, we won’t see our space cut in half this as often has been the case. And I’m 100 feet closer to home!

Moving day should come in early December, I’d wager, and will depend largely upon the ability to get the technological infrastructure lined up and in place. Stay tuned 🙂

  • Scott McCaffrey

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