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Sunday, September 25, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: The circle of life, health-wise

Editor’s Notebook: The circle of life, health-wise

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When it comes to healthy living, the circle of life was on display at Thomas Jefferson Community Center in Arlington on Saturday morning:

• There on the playground were the tiny tykes, burning off excess energy while being ever-inquisitive (translation: noisier than my cat just before suppertime).

• There was a slightly older youth (maybe 6 years old) learning the intricacies of her foot-powered scooter, doing laps around the playground.

• There were the 10-to-12-years-olds competing on the soccer and baseball fields.

• There was a high-schooler with a coach on one of the basketball courts, going through a set of drills to improve future performance.

• And inside the community center were the participants in the opening ceremonies of the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics, including those taking part in track events that morning.

A busy morning, indeed, spanning some 85 or so years of the age spectrum.

MAYBE IT’S HER NEXT LINE OF WORK: Word on the street (and you didn’t hear it from me, as Huggy Bear used to tell Starsky and Hutch…) is that Nancy Pelosi is going to be the next U.S. ambassador to Italy, if Democrats lose control of the House of Representatives in the November election.

But my Saturday-night dream said otherwise.

In the dream, a whole bunch of people were busy with paintbrushes, going to town on the walls, ceiling, etc., of what may have been my former condo in Shirlington. And marshaling the entire operation as the major-domo was none other than … yep, Nancy Pelosi.

Even Dr. Freud wouldn’t try to figure that one out.=

IRONY IS FUN: After departing the opening ceremonies of the Senior Olympics (yes, I am old enough to compete, thank you for asking …), I stopped in at the nearby 7-Eleven and saw this headline on the New York Times: “Support for Monarchy Fades Among Youth.”

Wonder if there was anyone responsible for that front-page item – reporters, editors, layout people – who caught the irony of a daily print newspaper pointing out that the youth were abandoning something, anything. For if there is a poster child in having been abandoned by those under 50, it’s what’s become known as legacy media in general and their daily print products in particular.

(Maybe to counterpunch, the new King Charles III will wear a lapel button that says “Support for New York Times Is Dead Among Youth.”)

– Scott McCaffrey

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