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Thursday, March 23, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: That’s wayyyyyyy too much sanity for N.Va.

Editor’s Notebook: That’s wayyyyyyy too much sanity for N.Va.

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As I was taking my three-mile, midday, clear-the-head, pedestrian amble a day ago, I wandered past Foxes Music on Route 29 (soon to be renamed as “Bruce Lee Highway,” let’s hope).  

For the 14-month duration of the recent health unpleasantness, that venue has had all kinds of signage posted, warning of dire repercussions if Falls Church-ians dared enter their store without wearing a mask. Fair enough. 

Now, however, the new sign says: “Masks Still Required in This Store (Unless Vaccinated).” 

Holy mackerel, that “follow the science” position in the health wars makes waaaayyyyy too much sense to be emanating from lockdown-loving Northern Virginia. 


Similar signage could be observed at the Giant in Seven Corners, yet while I saw maybe 20 percent of staffers there wandering around free-range, only one customer (not me) was going commando. 

Though fully vaccinated myself – thanks, fine folks at Macedonia Baptist Church! – I’m still waiting for more societal pioneers to tear down those masks like they were the Berlin Wall in 1989 and start behaving like Floridians, before doing the same myself. 

Yep, I’m a wimp and a wuss [pretty sure the company lawyers won’t let me use any other more aggressively descriptive words, though I want to, I really want to …]. 

And while nobody likes intrusion into my life less than me, if you want me to whip it out and show it to you to gain entry to your establishment, I’m happy to comply. 

I am talking about my vaccination card, people – I’m not Bill Clinton at spring break, for crying out loud ….. 

  • Scott McCaffrey 
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