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Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Thanksgiving with the Partridge family … and Johnny!

Editor’s Notebook: Thanksgiving with the Partridge family … and Johnny!

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Rare is the free time of a local-media superstar (where? where?), but I did have some down time for Thanksgiving and managed to regress to childhood with binge-watching several episodes from the third season (1972-73-ish) of “The Partridge Family.”

If memory serves, that was the second half of an hour of power Friday nights where us little kiddies would watch “The Brady Bunch” at 8 p.m., “Partridge Family” at 8:30 and then off to bed we’d go.

No longer a little kiddie, I have little interest in the music that was a big part of the show, but snide little Danny (Danny Bonaduce) and even more snide manager Reuben (RIP Dave Madden) were great, especially when teamed together. And you’d always find some random celebrity in a guest-starring role.

All that was literally a half-century ago? My, the time flies.


SPEAKING OF THANKSGIVING: A Thanksgiving weekend wouldn’t be complete with re-watching for the umpteenth time some interaction between Johnny Carson and bandleader Doc Severinsen related to the holiday back in 1979.

At least one of them was inebriated in one way or another. Maybe both.

Ol’ Johnny is no longer with us (and this is painful to note: the 100th anniversary of his birth is less than 3 years away) but Severinsen is still hanging in there having turned 95 this summer. (He has longevity on his side; Severinsen’s mother, Minnie Mae, hit the century mark, Wikipedia tells us).

Anyhoo, I’ll attach the clip below. Bonus points if you can guess what Severinsen would like to be eating at Thanksgiving. It isn’t turkey.

– Scott McCaffrey

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