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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Taking a stand against Twitter (us? no sirree!)

Editor’s Notebook: Taking a stand against Twitter (us? no sirree!)

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Taking a stand against Twitter? No, not us; we’re scared of those folks. But another local-media outlet in the, cough, dee-emmmm-veeeeeeeeeeeeee is making a stand against it.

NOVA Baseball Magazine, which provides good content of the local baseball scene, has gone silent on the social-media platform. A March 16 tweet noted that updates “will not be posted here so long as Twitter continues to allow murderous thug Vladimir Putin to have an account but not our former president.”

I assume that means the Don-Don, rather than, say Chester Arthur, who in any case would be unavailable – not to mention a little flummoxed by the tweeting technology.

Anyway, I guess one should say kudos for standing up for one’s principles. Although simultaneously picking on both Twitter and Vlad the Impaler seems a little risky, if you ask me 🙂


KEEP ON TRUCKIN’ UP THERE IN HEAVEN, GOOD BUDDY! A little bit of that wacky decade of the 1970s died last week with the news of the passing of William Fries Jr. at age 93.

Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, in 1976 he went to the top of the pop charts in the U.S. under his alter ego C.W. McCall with the CB-themed novelty hit “Convoy.”

(Fries cowrote the song with Chip Davis, so he pocketed half the most likely substantial songwriting royalties the accrued over the years. He had a few other songs hit the top 40 and toured for years, but “Convoy” was his claim to 1970s immortality.)

I will embed the song below for those too young or disinterested to have stumbled across it before. It’s fun, for those who like all the CB lingo. And remember, the line is “We’re gonna roll this truckin’ convoy across the USA.” The word is truckin’, people, truckin’

An aside: Wikipedia informs us that, from 1986-92, Fries was mayor of the Colorado town where he lived.

IS IT TUESDAY, OR IS IT BOOZE-DAY? The aforementioned CB craze was a biggie in the 1974-77 era, when li’l Scotty was too young to partake. As a slightly older elementary-schooler, I became enmeshed in the succeeding craze: Beer-can collecting.

Perhaps not surprisingly, most of the fathers and some of the mothers in the neighborhood of Warminster, Pa., were more than happy to purchase and quaff a large selection of different brewskies so their kids could have the cans.

“Billy Beer” – oh, what vile swill that must have been! – was at the top of every collector’s list.

– Scott McCaffrey

Herewith the “Convoy” link:

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