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Thursday, August 11, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Take that, Putie-Pute!

Editor’s Notebook: Take that, Putie-Pute!

Must Read

One local-news site receives and then disseminates a feed of entertainment-news items — from my perspective, some really banal entertainment-news items, but that’s just me — to fill the time of readers who seemingly don’t have much else to do. A click is a click in this new journalism world of ours.

Most of the articles are dopey, comprised of D-listers doing D-list stuff. Even “TMZ” would turn most of them down.

But every once in a while, one of those items fills us with hope.

“Uri Geller warns Vladimir Putin he’ll use ‘mind power’ to deflect nuclear attack,” reads the headline on one particular item from yesterday. (Anyone over 50 will ask, “Yuri Geller is still alive?” Anyone under 50 will ask, “Who is Uri Geller?”)

Yes, he’s alive (and a spry 75 at that), and at one time he was famous for being a mentalist. He’s the guy who purportedly could bend spoons just by using his cranium power, to cite his most-known trait.

We should all feel safer that he’s got us covered — except, perhaps, the folks who are living under wherever Geller’s brain decides to send those Russkie nukes so they don’t hit big cities.

Must have been a slower news day that usual for the outlet that decided writing up Uri’s boast to Putie-Pute was something the masses would like to read. After all, we also had among competing options “Jimmy Fallon’s dream ‘Tonight Show’ guest is Queen Elizabeth” and “Britney Spears slams Catholic Church for refusing to host her wedding.” There also are 10 fun facts about Meghan “I’m a Royal, Yo!” Markle as she hits the big 4-1.

I guess there’s a readership base for all of it.

NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN: What a coo-inky-dink!

In the weekend edition that’ll be posted online today, we’ll have a front-page article about Arlington embarking on development of another plan to preserve and protect the county’s natural surroundings.

Dipping into the archives, I found an article on almost the exact same theme — in the Aug. 19, 1961, edition of the newspaper. Sixty-one fun-lovin’ summertimes ago!

SEEMS PERFECTLY REASONABLE FOR ARLINGTON SCHOOLS: In the same edition from 1961, it was reported that the Arlington school system’s leadership had decreed that, for the coming school year, no materials from the (Arlington-based) American Nazi Party would be distributed to students.

Time for one of the great scenes from a great movie, below. If you are offended by crude language or late-1970s sensibilities, well, put your scruples aside and just enjoy! RIP John Belushi and Henry Gibson — two funny, funny men.

— Scott McCaffrey

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