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Saturday, April 1, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Seems like a parade of nobodies

Editor’s Notebook: Seems like a parade of nobodies

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Polls are like you-know-whats: Everybody’s got one and they frequently stink. So don’t put much stock in THIS POLL that got some attention this week, asking respondents whom they would like to see as the Democratic nominee for president in 2024.

The major piece of the puzzle was that just 37 percent of Democrats who were polled want to see Joe Biden running for re-election. (Spoiler alert: He will not be.) Fewer still had any interest in Kamala Harris, who in recent months has emerged as the same kind of insurance policy, from Biden being removed from office against his will, as Spiro Agnew was designed to be for Richard Nixon. (Spiro’s sticky fingers eventually got him booted, which opened the door to remove Tricky Dick.)

Far more interesting to me was the list of options — a dozen or more — that were offered as possible alternative Democratic nominees. Talk about the scrubs.


“Mayor Pete”? Increasingly proving himself not ready for prime time. Elizabeth Warren? The era of geriatric candidates is over. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? That’s smokin’ some good weed to think she’d come out on top in a national general election.

Etc., etc., etc., right down the list, from the better known to the virtual unknowns.

In fact, the group could be considered (by some) so inconsequential that it brings to mind a marvelous soliloquy delivered by Harvey Korman in “Blazing Saddles” (grab a copy before it’s banned by those who don’t get the point Mel Brooks was trying to make). I know actors in comedic roles seldom win Academy Awards, but ol’ Harv was deserving. See his handiwork in the video at bottom.

In any event, there’s no question that the rising GOP bench seems to be in stronger shape, collectively, than Democratic one at the moment. (I will go out on a limb and say I do not think Donald Trump plans on running, despite all his bluster about doing so. But I’ve been wrong before …)

Well, 2024 remains a relatively long way away, so there’s time for some Democrats to get the seasoning they need to emerge as an effective nominee. But it may need to be one of those NOT mentioned in that poll linked to above, because the ones who ARE mentioned just don’t seem likely to cut it with the voters.

WELL, THAT WAS A KICK IN THE RHYMES-WITH-WALLS: When it is directed at you, humor can be a cruel mistress, and cruelty was on display Tuesday when the Arlington County Republican Committee held its annual volunteer-appreciation dinner.

At the start, party chair Andrew Loposser asked for a moment of silence, without specifying what for. The gathering dutifully grew silent, and after it was over, Loposser said it was to mourn the death of Terry McAuliffe’s political career. Laughter among the GOPers ensued.

Well, McAuliffe’s loss was indeed one of the greatest missed gimme-putts in the history of politics. As such, it almost seems gratuitous to rub it in as the GOP did. But local Republicans haven’t had a lot to chuckle about in recent years, so perhaps they were owed one.

HEEEEEERE’S HARVEY: As promised, Harvey Korman explains to Slim Pickens the type of person he wants to get in order to do some nefarious business back in the old West. Classic.

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