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Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Seems a sign of nervousness, not strength

Editor’s Notebook: Seems a sign of nervousness, not strength

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Dropped into my mailslot at home earlier this week was a political mailing proclaiming “Endorsement Announcement” with an image (seemingly Photoshopped together) of Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin with former President Donald Trump.

Youngkin “has my complete and total endorsement,” it quotes the Don-Don as saying on May 11.

Now, Mama McCaffrey didn’t raise a dope (my brother being the possible exception … I kid because I love, Corey). It was quickly self-evident this wasn’t a mailer from the Youngkin campaign. You had to squint really hard to see the legally required identifying line, but it said it came from the Democratic Party of Virginia on behalf of Terry McAuliffe.

Yours truly opined earlier in the campaign season that it was smart of Team McAuliffe, in the early stages of the campaign, to work to tie Youngkin with Trump, however tangentially, in its messaging to Democratic areas of the commonwealth. It seems like there were two times Youngkin has ever said (on tape) anything positive about Trump, because they were played over and over in McAuliffe ads.

But that was then and this is now, and it’s getting down to crunch time. The Democrats spending their money putting out these kinds of mailers suggests they’re worried that McAuliffe doesn’t have any message that’s resonating, even in his home turf of Northern Virginia, and they have to return to the ol’ reliable: the Trump boogeyman.

And hey, it may work, because the Don-Don seems psychologically incapable of stepping back and letting events play out, even when there is an advantage to doing so. Odds are he’ll jump into the Virginia fray with his me-me-me messaging, costing Youngkin votes and maybe even the election. Our 45th president sometimes just can’t help himself.

We’ll see. But it seems that if Democrats keep focusing backward rather than forward, it may show how scared they are of what might be on the horizon for them.

FOOL US ONCE, SHAME ON YOU; FOOL US TWICE … The headline on the upper right of the front page of The Washington Post said this yesterday: “Tax Plan Targets Top 1%.”

Of course it does. Until it turns out that (a) the top 1% don’t have enough money to fund what the Biden administration wants, and (b) most of the top 1% are reeeeeeallllly good at holding on to their fortunes, regardless of government dictates. The motto of the super-rich must be that while a creative attorney is an absolute necessity to get through life, a creative accountant is worth his/her weight in gold.

So foisting all the taxes on the top 1% will trickle down to the top 2%, then the top 5%, then the top 10%, then the top 20% … you know, just like what happened with the federal income tax.

Not saying that’s wrong – eventually this country is going to have to foot the bill for all these Donald Dollars and Biden Bucks (and, coming soon, Kamala Kash?) that have been doled out over the past two years on top of a half-century of deficit spending. But let’s not pretend it can all be paid for by a few folks gladly handing over their billions to the U.S. Treasury. That’s just silly.

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