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Thursday, June 30, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Sanity makes a comeback!

Editor’s Notebook: Sanity makes a comeback!

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Not sure whether our slash-and-burn editorial of two weeks ago had anything to do with it, but it looks like Arlington school officials have abandoned their masks-on policy for most athletes while engaged in competition.

As the editorial (caustic even by our standards!) noted, Arlington was an outlier in the Northern Virginia pack on this one; big-kahuna Fairfax County Public Schools was not just allowing its players to go commando while on the field, but Arlington’s skittishness at doing the same was leading to rolled eyes both inside the school district and in athletic circles all across the region.

Perhaps the editorial gave a little necessary nudge to knock off the foolishness, perhaps not. But for those who bitched and moaned in our direction that we were taking risks with the health of students by saying they could be playing outdoors mask-free, guess you’re going to have to take your complaints up with Arlington school officials now.

Sports editor Dave Facinoli is keeping an informal mental scorecard of the percentage of athletes, officials and spectators at events with masks on and those without them. With the exception of one track-and-field event where a large percentage of the public had masks on, at most other Fairfax County events, at least, you will see few if any masks.

In other words, people are … wait for it! … following the science, just like the Sun Gazette encourages all of us to.

FAIRFAX CHARGES AHEAD WITH LIBRARY REOPENING: Speaking of another case where Fairfax is leaps and bounds ahead, COVID-response-wise, of “world-class” Arlington, the Fairfax library system will be back to normal (or pretty dang close) by June 5.

Fairfax officials announced late last week that most current restrictions, including capacity restrictions and time limits, would be lifted then. If you’re vaccinated, c’mon in sans mask if you please; everyone else is welcome inside but is asked to mask up. Perfectly sensible.

Meanwhile, Arlington leaders, who over the past year have used both public-health concerns and now pleas of poverty (ha! hahahaha!) for keeping most libraries still locked down, continue to meander toward some mid-summer semi-reopening. If they get around to it and the mood strikes them, that is.

The late and to some great G. Gordon Liddy summed it up well for members of the public who tacitly accept such ridiculousness from those who hoover up our tax dollars but fail to deliver basic services (including libraries): “Ye suckers!”

And with Arlington on the hunt for a new logo, maybe that two-word phrase could be incorporated into it. Or to be classier, do it in Latin: “Stultus et pecuniam suam sunt, mox dividitur” [“A fool and his money are soon parted,” if online-translation services got it right for me].

  • Scott McCaffrey
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