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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Reduced to rubble (no Barneys were harmed, fortunately)

Editor’s Notebook: Reduced to rubble (no Barneys were harmed, fortunately)

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The fences are up and the crews are doing their jobs, starting to knock down the three-building complex at North Washington Street and East Broad Street in the heart of Falls Church.

That would not necessarily be big news, as redevelopment is a staple of local life, but one of those buildings (131 E. Broad) had for just over 5 years served as Sun Gazette World Headquarters. With the eve of destruction (a Barry McGuire reference!) looming at the end of 2021, we skedaddled across the street to our new home.

Our old building — a very nice place — has yet to be reduced to rubble, but the former Applebee’s next door (a victim of the pandemic; it never reopened after March 2020) is now one for the history books. Nothing remains except for piles of debris that will be picked up and carted away. One hopes the squirrels that had taken up residence inside got adequate notice to hit the road.

Such is the price of progress, perhaps. And in all fairness, the buildings had been slated for summary execution five years ago, but for reasons chronicled in the Falls Church News-Press over the period, the new development there was delayed several times.


Delayed but not denied. Because here it comes.

JOINING THE HUMAN RACE: In the past, particularly during the COVID era where I didn’t go anywhere, my need for an EZ Pass was nil. But with a trip to New Jersey coming up this weekend for a family function, it was time to toodle on down to the AAA store in Seven Corners and pick one up.

Even Luddites have to get with the 21st century sometimes. Although not necessarily with good humor.

VIENNA LITTLE LEAGUE OPENING: Our own Dave Facinoli was out capturing the news of the Vienna Little League’s opening day on Saturday. But alas, it seems every year the organization forgets to commemorate what to at least one person marked the single greatest moment in that organization’s storied history.

Yep, it was the game, lo those decades ago, when my brother hit two triples off the son of Joe Theismann in a single inning.

It appears it was the high point of my brother’s athletic career, as he recounts the experience at every opportunity. Some day, we can only hope, a commemorative marker will be planted near third base of the field in question 🙂

— Scott McCaffrey

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