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Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Puff the magic dragon (circa 1970)

Editor’s Notebook: Puff the magic dragon (circa 1970)

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From the history column, we take the wayback machine way back – 52 years to this week in 1970 – for this nugget from the recreational-drugs file.

The Northern Virginia Sun reported that a task force empaneled by newish Gov. Linwood Holton had come back with a recommendation to legalize marijuana across the commonwealth.

Apparently that went over like a lead balloon back in the day; more than a half-century later, it’s still only semi-legalized, right? (Sorry to say, I haven’t really kept up with that issue.)


THE OLDEN DAYS OF PUBLIC SAFETY: Here’s another one from the wayback machine, going back in time to this week in 1949.

Huzzah: The Arlington County government’s ambulance (apparently there was only one) now has a two-way radio!

One of the other history items we routinely use, from the late 1930s I think, tells the tale of the Arlington County Civic Federation passing a resolution asking Arlington officials when the ambulance was going to get out of the repair shop, where it had been undergoing work for quite a while, and a back into service.

Life may not be 100% better than the olden golden days, but as this shows, there have been some improvements.

WE KNOW WHERE THOSE GRADUATES WERE HEADED: Sports editor Dave Facinoli is a compendium of institutional knowledge about the local sports scene, but the name “Pop” Deming stumped him.

Apparently “Pop” in the summer of 1941 had been tapped as football coach of Washington-Lee High School, according to coverage in the Sun.

No idea how long he stayed, but we did go online and managed to find the 1941-42 W-L yearbook, which reported that the football squad had a pretty good season that previous fall under the new-for-1941 coach.

Quite the school year for students, 1941-42 was, starting out with the nation at (relative) peace and then – blammo! – along comes Pearl Harbor.

Not surprisingly, a lot of pages of the yearbook were devoted to male students in the various ROTC-like units at the school. Most of those grads from the Class of 1942 would be off to foreign lands working to save civilization courtesy of Uncle Sam pretty darn soon after their diplomas were dry.

– Scott McCaffrey

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