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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Profanity always gets the most 'clicks'

Editor’s Notebook: Profanity always gets the most ‘clicks’

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There was some news coverage this week that members of Congress, from both sides of the trough (er, aisle), were back to their ol’ earmarking routines — handing out tax dollars to special-interest groups, under the guise of do-good-ism but largely for the purpose of aiding re-election efforts.

(Not that our local members of Congress are facing significant threats to their re-election, but better safe than sorry.)

Which reminds me of the time, maybe 15-ish years ago, a time when a typical Sun Gazette article online might get 1,000 views.

One day, one of our articles ended up with 50,000 views and kept climbing past 100,000. Seemed a bit wild for a local-yokel news outlet.


The reason, we soon discerned, was the article had been featured on the Drudge Report. Not sure how much of a factor that is these days, but back then it was a very powerful outlet.

What was the article that caught the eye of the Drudge aggregators? It was coverage of an Arlington County Democratic Committee shindig in which then-U.S. Rep. Jim Moran (D-8th), speaking of the upcoming budget, promised to, and let me quote directly, “earmark the shit out of it” in order to get funding for Northern Virginia projects.

(An Irishman with potty mouth, Why, I never ….)

So, c’mon, Don Beyer, Gerry Connolly and/or Jennifer Wexton. Ball’s in your rhetorical court. If you want to up the ante in phraseology, you know where to reach me. We’d appreciate those clicks. Although I don’t use untoward language myself [ 🙂 ], I do not get the vapors around those who do.

PLAY WITH FIRE, REAP THE CONSEQUENCES: The Connection newspaper group this week has a long article/photo spread about local educators holding a rally to complain about changes to state education law proposed by Republicans this year in the General Assembly.

Call me jaded [in unison: “jaded!”] but I’d bet the ranch dressing that all of those taking part in the educator protest voted Democratic last November. Gov. Youngkin has every reason to channel his inner Barack Obama and tell them: “Elections have consequences. I won. Get over it.”

Teachers and their unions (and the politicians who love them) have been playing with fire since the start of the pandemic — at the local, state and national levels. And sometimes when you play with fire, you get a little singed. Which is what happened to them last November in Virginia. As I say to both sides, when one side happens to be unhappy with the results: Simmer down, stop whining, get to work and go win the next one.

WHERE WERE THE EDITORIALS? Those who have checked out this week’s print editions (in actual print or online PDFs) will note that our editorial page was filled with letters, with nary an editorial in view.

Have we run out of issues to discuss? Run out of politicians to berate? Been drained of our snark? Heck no. It just seemed like the letters we received were both timely and important, so they got priority.

We are going to put the editorials that didn’t run in print online today; they probably will run next week in print, unless they are supplanted by more pressing issues.

  • Scott McCaffrey
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