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Monday, August 15, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Presidential ambitions already?

Editor’s Notebook: Presidential ambitions already?

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Regular readers know that my disdain for political leaders who will not “swim in their own lane” is universal and applies to those in both parties. Do the job you were elected to do, politicians, and let those further up (or down) the political food chain do theirs.

So, like Queen Victoria herself, we were not amused that Gov. Youngkin came out with a little too much blathering over the weekend about the unpleasantness in Ukraine.

Some of the blather was downright dumb: Suggesting that Virginia communities with Sister City relationships with Russian locales cancel them flies in the face of the entire purpose of the Sister City initiative, which is that people-to-people friendships are vital even when countries are having some rough times, as we and most of the sane world are having with Vlad & Co. at the moment.

About as self-righteous on the virtue-signaling front was the announcement by the Virginia ABC that it was removing Russian vodka from its shelves. That’ll show Vlad! Oh, wait, we’re still importing half a million barrels of bubbly crude from him, helping to fund the Russian war machine? Oh …

One guesses our new-in-twenty-twenty-two governor felt he had to say something about the world situation. But the fact that he kind of overdid it suggests he may already have his eye on a presidential bid, or perhaps is trying to start getting his name in the mix for vice president.

If so, tap the brakes, newbie. Time will tell if you have the mettle to move up. For now, keep it focused on the Old Dominion. When it comes to the international scene, let’s borrow from a Johnny Cash song: “If you have political convictions, why don’t you keep them to yourself.”

(That song, by the way, is “The One on the Right Is on the Left” and it is more relevant today than when the Man in Black recorded it back in 1966.)

  • Scott McCaffrey
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