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Friday, August 19, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Politicians are always runnin' for something

Editor’s Notebook: Politicians are always runnin’ for something

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Eileen Filler-Corner went from being one of the most important Democratic politicians in Virginia to being almost an afterthought, after she was ousted a few months back as House of Delegates Minority Leader by her own caucus.

(It was an episode that seemed a political death brought about by a thousand paper cuts — minor grievances within the ranks — than any spectacular failing by Filler-Corn, except apparently her inability to count votes and see that her opponents were gaining on her.)

But it definitely seems like the ousted leader is trying to take lemons and make lemonade. She’s been vocal of late, yesterday appearing with a group of Jewish rabbis and other leaders of that faith to denounce the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling. (Wow. Just, wow. I will say no more on that …)

Assuming that she’s not going to battle to get her old gig as House Minority Leader back, what’s she looking toward? Congress? Seem to be no vacancies in her neck of the woods. Governor? That’s what some say, although it seems Filler-Corn would be hard-pressed to make it through the Democratic nominating process given that she’s seen as damaged goods by some.

Perhaps as interesting as her attempts to retain political relevancy is the theory, posited in her appearance yesterday, that the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion is somehow a threat to religious liberty, particularly as it affects adherents of the Jewish faith.

Still trying to noodle my head around the nuances of that one. But back to the main topic: Her future.

My free-and-worth-every-penny advice to Del. Filler-Corner: In the immortal words of Dexy’s Midnight Runners: “C’mon, Eileen.” Perhaps coupled with the immortal words of the Eagles: “Take it Easy.”

Take the summer off. Go to the beach or the mountains. Regroup. Read a few books, spend some time with the family. Think things through. You’ve got plenty of time and, most likely, a political future ahead of you. Trying too hard at the moment just comes across as a little desperate.

(I should also throw in that Filler-Corn should probably forgive those who tossed her over the side in the Democratic leadership race, forget the entire episode and move forward. But being Irish, it’s just not in my DNA to argue for that course. We Irish would say she should be taking names and, when the time is right, exact righteous [political] vengeance on those who done her wrong. The SOBs have got it coming 🙂 )

  • Scott McCaffrey
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