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Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Pilots are gonna do what pilots are gonna do

Editor’s Notebook: Pilots are gonna do what pilots are gonna do

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The names change but the issues seldom do in terms of what makes the news here in the, sniff, dee-em-veeeeeeeeeeeee.

Let’s crank up the wayback machine and travel back in time to Aug. 6, 1965, when Arlington County Board Chairman Joe Wholey (great guy!) was reported in the Northern Virginia Sun to have sent a letter to the FAA, complaining about planes deviating from approved flight corridors at National Airport, causing consternation in local neighborhoods.

Hmmmm, it seems I’ve covered that issue myself. Multiple times. It’s what we in the news biz call an “evergreen” story. When there’s some down time (for the lesser local press corps[e]; I’m always busy), you can whip together an article about neighborhood angst related to airport-cum-aircraft noise.

Indeed: In August 1984, the paper reported that the FAA again was planning on cracking down in pilots deviating from approved corridors at National Airport. The article acknowledged that residents were, mmmm, a little dubious that the federal intervention would do much.

When the first (1965) article was published, li’l Scotty was not even yet born (whew, since the parents weren’t yet married), and when the second (1984) article was published, li’l Scotty was about to head off that fall to college. And now, an old and gray li’l Scotty is covering the same issue.

It’s the lather-rinse-repeat school of local news!

WHAT SORT OF COMMIE-PINKOS WERE IN CHARGE OF THIS? From the same edition (8/6/65) of the Northern Virginia Sun as was referenced above, it was noted that the Virginia Department of Agriculture was supporting efforts to have the U.S. convert to the metric system.

MAYBE THE COULD CALL THE NEIGHBORHOOD ‘APPENDAGE ACRES’ OR ‘DINGLE-DANGLE ESTATES’: In the Aug. 4, 1967, edition of the Sun, it was reported that the latest thing to fall victim to Fairfax County’s ongoing residential development was the site of a former nudist colony just west of Vienna, which had been rezoned for a mix of single-family homes and garden apartments.

Letting my own shortcomings hang out for the world to see is not my cup of tea, but if that’s your bag, have at it. Just no longer in that particular plot of land.

Switching gears entirely, that same edition of the paper noted that, come September of 1967, Fairfax County would become the last major jurisdiction in Northern Virginia to finally offer kindergarten classes, albeit on a half-day schedule.

– Scott McCaffrey

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