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Thursday, March 23, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Picking a fight with ... Mike Pence?

Editor’s Notebook: Picking a fight with … Mike Pence?

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Not only is the whole fascism-on-campus (leftist edition) thing getting passé (or perhaps, as Casey Kasem once famously said, becoming “ponderous, man, f***ing ponderous”), but it also seems to be running out of targets.

Latest proof: A student newspaper at the University of Virginia wants former Vice President Mike Pence banned from speaking on campus.

(Remember when newspapers used to promote free speech? That ship has long since sailed ….)

Mike Pence? Now, obviously, Pence, being a socially conservative Republican, is not the cup of tea for many a student journalist or campus activist. But while conservative, he’s hardly a firebrand, hardly a hater, and, despite what the U.Va. students may think, he’s certainly mainstream, at least for half the country. Not everybody across the fruited plain shares the opinions of the majority down at the Harvard of Charlottesville, after all.


A spokesman for Young Americans for Freedom, which is sponsoring the event (as of now, still scheduled), responded thusly: “The Left has grown so accustomed to only hearing one perspective, that they feel physically threatened by those who hold different views — a sad reflection of the failures of America’s education system.”

Sounds about right. Although I can never figure out if some of today’s college students are so emotionally fragile that they actually perceive opposing points of view as real threats, or if they’re just using that as cover for their political agenda. Six of one, half-dozen of the other.

Reminds me of a story (everything reminds me of a story …), maybe an apocryphal one because I never tracked it down for confirmation, but here you go:

Back in the 1960s, comedian Lenny Bruce had once again been hauled into court, this time in New York City, for violating obscenity laws, including copious use of the f-bomb in his act (second time today I’ve referenced that classic epithet).

The prosecution called as a witness Dorothy Kilgallen, a conservative newspaper columnist and decidedly prim and proper lady.

Guess the prosecutors hadn’t talked to her ahead of time, because when she was asked on the stand if she thought Bruce’s comedy act was obscene, she said no.

“They’re just words, judge,” was her response.

C’mon, college kiddos, they’re just words, even if you disagree with them. Not hate crimes. Get some perspective and, maybe, grow up just a little. You’ll be happier if you do.

THAT WACKY INFLATION IS HITTING EVERYBODY: News came over the transom yesterday that the Virginia Association of Counties has canceled its planned supervisors’ forum, slated for late April.

“This decision was made after careful consideration of rising transportation, hotel, and meal costs,” the organization of local government officials said.

When even local governments (who are set for another money grab from the public this year) won’t cough up the cash because of rising inflation, you know times have gotten tough.

— Scott McCaffrey

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