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Friday, February 3, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: One way to beat the cicadas

Editor’s Notebook: One way to beat the cicadas

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Lo these many years of living in the 22206 area of South Arlington, one of the top real-estate professionals in the neighborhood has been Peggy Parker of Samson Properties.

Her signage, including a signature caricature of a giraffe, is ubiquitous.

So what came in the mail Saturday but a flier from Ms. Parker, letting the community know she’s “hanging up her Realtor hat and moving to Alaska.”

Alaska? Well, that’s going to certainly provide a change of scenery.


Her mailer noted that Parker wasn’t completely absconding. “Phone and e-mail remaining the same, should you need my help,” she pointed out.

Best of luck to her. Having been to Alaska but once (an early November long, long ago), I can vouch that it’s beautiful, indeed.

VACCINE TALES: Got my first COVID injection on Friday afternoon, and the Pfizer juice is now doing its thing throughout my body. Only side effect was a slightly sore arm for a day, which seems par for the course of the first shots.

The experience was easy-peasy; kudos to Macedonia Baptist Church (which provided the locale) and Neighborhood Health (which supplied the health professionals) for making it a seamless process.

See y’all again on April 23 at 2:05 p.m. for shot number two!

TAX TIME: As the byproduct of the (shudder) conjugal love of two IRS employees – just call me their “little deduction” – it seems only fitting that I prefer to do my taxes myself each year. (The fact that I’m poor enough that it’s not a particularly complicated undertaking is an added incentive.)

Ordinarily, this all gets wrapped up in February, but for a variety of reasons, it didn’t get started until this weekend. But all done now. Bring on the refunds!

– Scott McCaffrey

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