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Friday, August 19, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Ol' Donald is quite the tease, isn't he?

Editor’s Notebook: Ol’ Donald is quite the tease, isn’t he?

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If Hillary Clinton rates a 16,545 on the zero-to-10 scale of narcissism, her opponent in the 2016 campaign gets a score of 135,156,165,519,911. Yes, Donald Trump is off the charts, even by the normal ego levels of politicians.

And the guy does like to tease in an effort to stay in the news: He’s now putting out word that, just maybe, he’ll announce before the midterms his plans to run for president in 2024. To which Democrats exclaimed “hallelujah!” and Republicans puckered, but not in the orifice from which you might suck on a lemon.

Some Republicans (or at least Trump boosters) contend it will be a GOOD thing for the party’s prospects if the Don-Don announces his plans to run in, say, September or October. They’re smoking some good weed, because sanity suggests that Republicans, apparently on their way to a solid victory in November despite themselves, can only find themselves put on the defensive if Trump suddenly becomes the top story.

Lordy, Don-Don, could you be so self-absorbed to hurt Republicans this November just so you can again be the center of attention?

Yes, of course it’s a rhetorical question.

A FISTBUMP WHICH WILL LIVE IN INFAMY: It was interesting, and perhaps telling, that Saturday’s big-city newspapers all seemed to carry a whopping-big picture of the president of our U.S. of A. and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia in that unfortunate (for our side) fist bump greeting splashed across the top of their front pages.

(And while I wish him many more years to come, didn’t Biden look even more cadaverous than usual in those photos? But I digress.)

Clearly the covering for Biden is done. Putting that photo on the front page is sending yet another unmistakable message that the mainstream media is ready to nudge the chief executive off the stage, at least so far as a 2024 bid is concerned.

He’ll get the message. In fact, his defensive and crabby response to media questions over the incident — and not just from tighty-righty outlets, either — seems to suggest he slowly is.

— Scott McCaffrey

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