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Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: No fireworks for you!

Editor’s Notebook: No fireworks for you!

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Here’s a blast from the past, so to speak: The last-week-in-May edition of the Northern Virginia Sun back in 1936 reported that the Arlington County government had decided to maintain its prohibition on the sale of personal-use fireworks in the county.


But never fear: Those who were planning on celebrating the nation’s 160th birthday that coming July could always go out to McLean, where (perhaps somewhat ironically) the McLean Volunteer Fire Department had announced that it would be selling fireworks as a fund-raiser.

REV UP THOSE ENGINES! It was back this springtime in 1966 that the Federal Aviation Agency (as it was then known) relented and allowed jet service into what was then plain ol’ National Airport, before its name started growing and growing.


The reason for the delay at National (jets had been in service elsewhere since the late 1950s) was twofold: One, the noise — and boy-howdy were those early jets noisy — and the desire to help out the white elephant that was Dulles Airport by giving it a Northern Virginia monopoly on jet traffic.

The ban was lifted in early 1966, but only after the FAA begged the airlines to go slow with the introduction of jets.

Did the airlines listen? Noooooooo, they did not, the Sun reported on May 27 that year. Airlines were adding “significant numbers” of jet flights, coverage noted. But there was more to come: Only one in six current departures at the airport currently is on jet service.

SMOKE’EM IF YOU GOT’EM: It was a nifty 50 years ago this coming week — May 30, 1972 — that the Sun reported that an irate Circuit Court judge in the Charlottesville area estimated that 50 percent of students at the University of Virginia were using some type of illegal drugs.

More to the point, the judge was upset that the university administration appeared to be turning a blind eye to the situation.

Head in the sand? That doesn’t sound like college administrators. Ah-hahahahahahaha!

  • Scott McCaffrey
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