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Thursday, January 27, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Never underestimate the 'share-a-brewski' factor

Editor’s Notebook: Never underestimate the ‘share-a-brewski’ factor

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Opinions are like you-know-whats — we’ve all got them and frequently they stink — so it’s no surprise that pollsters and pundits are coming out of the woodwork to explain what went right for Republicans and what went wrong for Democrats in Virginia on Nov. 2.

Yesterday’s e-mail in-box brought a post-election poll of Virginia voters conducted by Co/Efficient in partnership with the right-leaning political consulting firm Creative Direct. It had a lot of data, but the one I went right to was the question on “Which candidate would you most like to have a beer with?”

Leading the pack, and this is kind of surprising to me, was Glenn Youngkin with 28 percent, followed by Winsome Sears at 23 percent, Terry McAuliffe at 22 percent, Hala Ayala at 18 percent and, bringing up the caboose, Mark Herring at 7 percent and Jason Miyares at 3 percent.

(Not much of a beer-drinker or more broadly speaking boozer myself — too many issues in the family on that score, if you catch my drift — but I’d probably have picked Sears. Or maybe McAuliffe. Youngkin seems a fine fellow but, eh, it wouldn’t interest me to sit down and quaff a brewski with him.)

Poor Herring and Miyares; I guess attorney-general candidates just weren’t doing it for the electorate on this score. Ayala’s 18 percent seems to suggest she has resonated with some voters even in a losing effort, so expect her to be starting her 2025 gubernatorial bid shortly, if she hasn’t already.

THE TRIUMPH OF HOPE OVER EXPERIENCE: We have coverage coming up about a discussion at Saturday’s Arlington County Board meeting, where local resident Evangelia Riris (a college student) called for, as best as I could tell, defunding the entire $119 million budget for Arlington’s police and sheriff, and reallocating it to social spending.

Not to dump to heavily on the speaker, but the whole defund-the-police movement is so, mmmm, “2020” — its proponents and the politicians who played footsie with them are bailing in droves as they realize what a loser the concept is at the ballot box. Nonetheless, at least the speaker stuck to her guns.

Still, one comment struck me as the eternal optimism of youth: “Defunding the police would not create all-our anarchy or make Arlington a lawless county of crime,” she said. “It will likely do the opposite.”

Of course. Riiiight.

Which brings me to the video embedded below. Not the best quality, but who doesn’t love the late, great Lesley Gore singing “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows”? Because if you believe that getting rid of law enforcement will improve safety, well, this is the kind of upbeat song you need to go with your delusion.

Take it away, Lesley!

  • Scott McCaffrey
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