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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Never too early to launch re-election bids

Editor’s Notebook: Never too early to launch re-election bids

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Another Fairfax County supervisor – Rodney Lusk of the about to be renamed Lee District – announced his re-election bid yesterday, even though the supervisors are not on the ballot until 2023.

He isn’t alone; not sure how many of the elected officials in Fairfax have formally announced plans, but it is a number.

For the Democrats on the panel, which means all but Patrick Herrity, it may be a case of trying to get ahead of the curve, in case any farther-left, funded-by-billionaires challengers emerge. Naw, that wouldn’t happen in local governance, would it?

Over in the People’s Republic of A-town, few are expecting either of the up-in-2023 County Board members, Katie Cristol or Christian Dorsey, to seek new terms. But with the pay raises they’ve voted themselves, one never knows, does one?


(I’m way out of the loop so this is not any inside information, but I’m curious if departing Arlington School Board member Barbara Kanninen, who tried but failed to rise to County Board in a 2020 special election, might give it a second go in 2023. Kanninen will benefit from putting some distance between herself and the perpetually unpopular School Board, so she has as good a shot as anyone, if she wants to take it.)

AND YOU THINK ‘YOU’ GET HAND CRAMPS? Here’s one from the local-history edition, back from the June 23, 1961, edition of the Northern Virginia Sun.

Fairfax County Superintendent W.T. Woodson, who has held the job since 1925, is retiring. One fact from the coverage: For those 36 years, Woodson has personally signed the diplomas of every Fairfax County Public Schools’ graduate.

He wasn’t just a superintendent. He was a super-duper-intendent!

THE DANCE IS DONE: Once a year around this time, I check in with the fine folks at SiriusXM, from whom I get my satellite radio, and we dicker, haggle, play footsie over renewal.

They start the bidding for my renewal on the high side – something along the lines of $325 for the ensuing year. I, with my best pouty-face just like Shirley Temple used to do, plead poverty (which this year more than most happens to be true). We meet at about $125 a year.

Usually this has happened over the phone, where I have chatted with Charlie, Susan, Mark or the others working in China who borrow American names for their professional customer-service gigs. The last two years, I’ve done it via chat, which seems so much more hip and happening.

Anyway, mission accomplished and another year of service secured at a reasonable price. We’ll do it again in the early summer of 2023.

– Scott McCaffrey

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