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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Never let a fund-raising opp’y go to waste

Editor’s Notebook: Never let a fund-raising opp’y go to waste

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State Sen. Barbara Favola – and I’ve more often than not had professional and personal admiration for her – is not just heartbroken. And she is not just sick.

She is heartbroken AND sick.

I know this because I’m on her e-mail list (as with so many other elected officials), and she sent out her thoughts about the Supreme Court’s returning abortion back to where it probably should have been all along. Well, that’s probably not HER view of the net result of the opinion, but different strokes for different folks.

What can we, the public, do to help Sen. Favola get over being heartbroken and sick? Apparently, we should send her cash – which was the second part of the e-mail message.

Yep, fund-raising is in full swing on the issue, and no doubt Democrats will have the advantage, although I’ve got a feeling that with the current economy, some wallets that otherwise might have been open to political candidates may be closing for the duration. We’ll see.

My free advice to both political parties on this unpleasant issue is: You lose every time you are perceived as too extreme. So the Republicans screaming about abortions for none will drag their party down, while the Democrats screaming about abortions for all will do the same for their own party.

Get too crazy on this issue, and you’ll get burned. Republicans, who seem to be on trajectory to wipe out Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, have the most to lose if they end up looking too out of touch with mainstream opinion.

Democrats, meanwhile, don’t have many issues going their way these days, so they and their friends in the media will be trying to milk the situation for all it’s worth – until they, too, are perceived as out of the mainstream. After all, the ladies of “The View” and the Twitter screamers hardly represent a cross-section of actual public opinion.

As always, it comes down to the 1970s musical group Stealers Wheel theory of politics: With “clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right,” the place for winning politicians to be is “stuck in the middle with you.”

OF COURSE SHE’S NOT RUNNING (AH-HAHAHAHAH!): Hillary Clinton was on CBS earlier in the week to blast Clarence Thomas, and in the midst of that screed took time to, while hedging just enough, say she probably wasn’t going to run for president in 2024.

Prediction, and you can take this to the bank: Should Democrats get the expected shellacking this November, thus pushing Joe Biden out of the race for 2024, she’ll be sending signals to followers by Christmas that she’s getting the band back together, in the words of both the Blues Brothers and Rich Doud, to mount a new bid. Along with about 175 other Democrats.

If our slightly dazed and confused current president does follow through on his threat — er, promise — to run again, it’s still not likely to dissuade many Democrats from jumping in themselves, especially those in the 70+ cohort for whom 2024 is likely the last chance. More likely, though, there will be a quiet word with him and — poof! — he’s out of the race.

SPEAKING OF RUNNING FOR PREZ: Howard Stern says he’s seriously considering running for president, so irked is he at the Supreme Court.

Talk is cheap, Howie. You wanna run? Run. But maybe ditch the phony hair from the Weird Al Yankovic collection at Weaves for Men; it’s not fooling anyone.

The real shocker in that news item was the Stern is now 68 years old. Where does the time go?

– Scott McCaffrey

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