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Thursday, December 1, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Nah, we're good -- keep it at 18

Editor’s Notebook: Nah, we’re good — keep it at 18

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An e-mail came over the transom yesterday from downstate Democratic Del. Sam Rasoul, saying he planned to introduce a state constitutional amendment reducing the age for voting in local elections from 18 to 16.

It’s going nowheresville, of course – even a few years ago, when Democrats controlled the House of Delegates, a similar measure from Rasoul got left behind in a committee without so much as a subcommittee vote — but the delegate in question clearly has ambitions to move up the political food chain and is trying to burnish his progressive bona-fides.

Though it was before my time, I clearly get the idea that was behind lowering the voting age from 21 (where it was in many places, including Virginia, through the 1960s) to 18. Or at least one of the reasons: If you could be drafted into the Armed Forces and sent overseas to fight and potentially die for the nation, shouldn’t you have a say in the elected officials who make such decisions? Seems eminently reasonable.


But what would the reason be for reducing it to 16? Using a line borrowed from the late and great Al Eisenberg that I have used a lot this year: What is the problem we are trying to solve?

Well, it’s likely Del. Rasoul isn’t trying to solve any problem, merely get his name in front of more Virginians. In this case, it’s mission accomplished!

IT’S ‘SNOW’ JOKE: BLIZZARD DELAYS TREES: Ordinarily, I’d have toodled my behind yesterday morning over to the annual disgorgement of the Arlington Optimist Club’s first batch of Christmas trees from the supplier

But instead, it’ll be this morning, because the first batch, which was coming in from Canada, got delayed because of that nasty storm that hit late last week and into the weekend. (How about that New York town that picked up more than 70 inches of snow? Good golly Miss Molly!)

The fact that the Optimists had to get some of their trees this year from Canada shows how the market has gone higgledly-piggledy since the COVID and supply-chain craziness. Used to be they came from North Carolina, but trees (and drivers to get them from Point A to Point B) are in short supply. Some organizations have given up entirely for 2022, while others, like the Optimists, have played detective to find available supplies, wherever they were.

It’ll be our usual good start-of-the-holiday-season coverage, with an added twist this year!

– Scott McCaffrey

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