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Friday, August 19, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Mask-a-doodle-doo time coming back?

Editor’s Notebook: Mask-a-doodle-doo time coming back?

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Nothing good ever comes out of Montgomery County, Md., so the news that MoCo has gone into the “red” category, per CDC criteria, in terms of COVID transmission probably means all of the, cough, dee-emm-veeeeeeeeeee will be there soon enough.

It’ll be interesting to see how THAT plays out.

On the one hand, many local-government officials seem to have shown fascist tendencies over the past two years and counting, so some of them must be salivating over the prospect of re-imposing rules and requirements on we the little people who populate their domains. That may be harder to do in Virginia than in D.C. or Maryland, given we’ve got the governor and attorney general more than willing to ride herd over local governments on this front.

Then again, maybe local leaders will decide it’s time to let people live their lives and make their own decisions. Just about all of us have had the Wuhan sniffles of death by now, whether we know it or not; fortunately for most it is an inconvenience, nothing more. It’ll keep circling and circling through the community until it becomes just another annoyance.

Let’s see where we go. The TV news loves nothing more than to attempt to create crisis after crisis to keep eyeballs tuned in, so expect the hysteria level to jump in coming days.

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— Scott McCaffrey

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