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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Local GOPs bring in the big guns

Editor’s Notebook: Local GOPs bring in the big guns

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Here’s another one from the “elections have consequences” file.

Winsome Sears was a relatively unknown one-time state legislator who got catapulted to fame when she was elected Virginia’s lieutenant governor last year. And from what has been seen so far, she can give as good as she gets when she goes one-on-one with the national media who seem outraged that a person of her demographics would even consider being a Republican, let alone a loud and proud one.

The Arlington and Alexandria Republican committees yesterday announced that the lieutenant governor would be the guest of honor at their joint Lincoln/Reagan Dinner, to take place May 19 in Alexandria. Tickets are $100 to $250.

No doubt Sears will guarantee a sold-out event. People like a celebrity, and with no offense to the other two statewide officeholders in Virginia, it is Sears that has that status at the moment.


MORE SIGNS OF A RETURN TO (A SEMBLANCE OF) NORMALCY: We’ll have coverage in our weekend edition this week that, after two years of being canceled due to the COVID unpleasantness, the annual Easter Sunrise Service at Arlington National Cemetery is back on the schedule for this year.

Easter comes around on April 17.

Good to see more and more things returning to some normality, if cautiously so. One example: I would guesstimate that 80 percent of the people at Wednesday’s groundbreaking ceremony for George Mason University’s new “Fuse” building (held indoors because of the weather) were going commando. The rest has masks on.

In terms of a live-and-let-live attitude (mask up if you want to, don’t if you don’t), I’ll repeat the Chuck Berry line once again: “Live like you wanna live, darlin’ — ain’t nobody gonna knock it.”

You can never go wrong following Chuck’s instructions about life 🙂

  • Scott McCaffrey

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