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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Life is a beach (for some on staff)

Editor’s Notebook: Life is a beach (for some on staff)

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Do you remember back in old L.A., when everybody drove a Chevrolet? Whatever happened to the boy next door — the suntanned, crew-cut, All-American male?

Who’s with me in remembering those lyrics from the early-1970s his “Beach Baby” by the studio-musician group First Class. Good times.

And it is beach time here at the Sun Gazette, as sports editor Dave and family are headed to their (almost) yearly trip to Myrtle Beach. I think they passed last year, but otherwise it’s a tradition.

Having myself spent three summers down in the Grand Strand toiling for the Myrtle Beach Sun-News in the Clinton era, Dave always makes sure to bring me back some of those papers so I can bask in reminiscing.


Sigh: At the time I worked there, it was the most profitable newspaper, percentage-wise, in the Knight-Ridder chain (RIP) and had profit margins that made Colombian drug kingpins drool with envy. These days, it’s almost pamphlet-size. Such is the way of the daily-newspaper world.

‘FAST TONY’ WILL MAKE A SPEEDY GETAWAY: He’s retiring, he’s not retiring, he’s retiring, he’s not retiring. Dr. Anthony Fauci is, uncharacteristically for him (hahahaha!), all over the place with his pronouncements about his future as the federal government’s most lavishly compensated octogenarian.

It sounded like, a couple of days ago, he proclaimed to the world that he’d be leaving by the end of Joe Biden’s one-and-done term (my phrase, not his). Now he’s hedging.

But c’mon, why would anyone think he’s sticking around more than a couple of months, tops?

Now that man-to-prediction marriages have been legalized in Virginia, I am formally wedded to my earlier prognostication: If Republicans take over Congress, the diminutive doctor not only is out the door before the end of this year, but he’ll be taking a looooooooooooong overseas trip out of reach of congressional process-servers.

The good doctor was quoted by one national news outlet saying he expects the Republicans, if they gain the majority, to go after him, which is a contender for the “No Shit, Sherlock” Prognostication Award of 2022. But he also was quoted thinking (though professing not to care either way) that Republicans would not investigate-cum-harass him as much if he was out of office. Ah-hahahahaha!

Sweetheart, you and your decisions will be the gift that will keep on giving for the GOP for years, long after most of us normies have stopped caring. May you live a long life in retirement, but the GOP is not going to let you go until you’re long in the grave.

— Scott McCaffrey

In case you wanted to sing along, here is “Beach Baby”:

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