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Thursday, September 29, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Leave 2023 until 2023, por favor

Editor’s Notebook: Leave 2023 until 2023, por favor

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Fairfax County Democrats will be gunning to take out Supervisor Patrick Herrity (R-Springfield) next year, aiming to achieve absolute 10-for-10 Democratic control of the Board of Supervisors and thus eliminate any pesky questions or dissenting votes on the dais.

Will it be successful? We’ll see … in good time. But others are jumping the gun.

At least one Democrat has announced plans to run in that November 2023 race, which is fine and dandy, but apparently a number of the region’s other, lesser news outlet jumped on and have started coverage, parroting a press release put out by the campaign.

Must have been a slow news day, or maybe their reporters get paid by quantity, not quality – alas, in newswriting unlike in some other endeavors, whipping out a couple of extra (column) inches isn’t necessarily as impressive to the recipient as the one doing it might presume.

People, people, people, let’s wait until the 2022 races are concluded (not that there are many of those in Fairfax County) until we start in on coverage of 2023. It’s just good form. A lot can happen between then and now; why jump the gun?

YOU’D THINK THEY’D BE PROMOTING IN-PERSON EVENTS: The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s board of directors is back meeting this morning after a summer break, and interestingly, they’ll be in “virtual” format.

A few times earlier in the year, the board came back to in-person meetings, but then bailed again to an online approach … even as many of us, even our president (based on his “60 Minutes” comments) have realized that the time is now to get back with life, come what may.

One would particularly think that the airports authority, whose livelihood depends on people accepting the need to get past COVID and get into the skies, would be sending the message that life is returning to normal.

Guess not.

THE DECLINE PICKS UP SPEED: There are about 110 apartments in my temporary Falls Church home, and I noted this past Sunday that exactly two (count ’em, two) Washington Posts were dropped in front of the security door for residents who subscribed.

(Another “how the mighty have fallen” moment, indeed.)

And as sports editor Dave Facinoli remarked to me over the weekend, this past Sunday’s print edition was the last to include the “Outlook” section, which has been a part of the paper for nearly 70 years. Which, interestingly enough, is probably the average age of its remaining print subscribers (not that there’s anything whatsoever wrong with that).

Oh, there were plenty of excuses given to explain the decision to ax the section, but the reality is that the print Posts are slowly being dismembered, piece by piece. Sad to see, but the way of the world.

– Scott McCaffrey

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