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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Land some punches, or I'm going back to sleep

Editor’s Notebook: Land some punches, or I’m going back to sleep

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A brilliant editorial (but aren’t most of them?) in this week’s Arlington paper will say it better, but it’s worth noting that, as always, we in Sun Gazette-land will give the non-Democrats running for local office in Arlington one shot at gaining and holding our attention.

That shot comes at the annual Arlington County Civic Federation forum next Tuesday, where candidates for U.S. House of Representatives, County Board and School Board will face off.

Democrats come Nov. 8 are going to win all three of those elections (I’m too old and gray to pretend otherwise). But c’mon, challengers, let’s get out the knives and start inflicting some scars on the long and winding road to Election Day.

All the Democrats (incumbents Don Beyer and Matt de Ferranti and Democratic School Board endorsee Bethany Sutton) need to have their feet held to the fire both for their own performance, and more, broadly, the performance of the bodies in which they wish to serve or in continue to serve.


One would think that one of the few joys of making kamikaze runs against Arlington’s Democratic establishment is to loudly proclaim when the emperor has no clothes. As an old “Cannonball Run” line goes: If you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly. So let’s see it happen next Tuesday.

Otherwise, I’m sticking a fork in these races, calling them done and going back to bed. As will the rest of the community. And that, for challengers, will make for a lonely two months on the campaign trail.

AW, QUIT YER WHININ’: Jeez, righty talker MWAL radio, I try to tune in to your local hosts while driving around (Dan Bongino, the nationally syndicated midday replacement for Rush Limbaugh, in my estimation is positively unlistenable), but lordy be, stop with all the whining or I’ll be sticking a fork in you, too.

We get it: The FBI is out to get Donald Trump, the media is out to get Donald Trump, the Democrats are out to get Donald Trump, the “deep state” is out to get Donald Trump, some Republicans are out to get Donald Trump. One also presumes that, most importantly, Donald Trump himself seems out to get Donald Trump. It’s the only way to explain some of his, mmm, erratic behavior.

But if that’s all the GOP has going into the midterms, nursing grievances and complaining about them, the party is going to miss one of the easiest political gimme-putts of all time, handing the election to the party whose leader is morphing from our “Dazed and Confused” president into our “Weekend at Bernie’s” president.

Free advice to the GOP: Wanna win in November? Give voters some reasons to vote for you, something you have failed to do all year. And stop obsessing about crap like Hunter Biden’s laptop; nobody in the real world cares.

And free advice to the Democrats: Wanna win in November? Stop having President Shades show up and suggest half the country has fascist tendencies. It does not play well, no matter what your consultants tell you.

-Scott McCaffrey

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