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Thursday, December 1, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Just a false alarm. This time. Next time?

Editor’s Notebook: Just a false alarm. This time. Next time?

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For those who believe that mere random coincidences occur in the universe – yours truly is sometimes dubious they actually exist – it was quite the big one Wednesday morning.

At the same time Washington-Liberty High School was in lockdown mode owing to a (false) phoned-in threat about an “active shooter,” the Arlington Committee of 100 sent out its monthly notification of its upcoming meeting.

Topic of said meeting, taking place next week? How Arlington Public Schools will more forward after having dumped school-resource officers (AKA police) from schools.


Those who remember back a few months will recall that the School Board, in a pique of misplaced woke-ism run amok, decided schools somehow would be safer without the uniformed officers. It was the wrong decision for a number of reasons (which we opined on in an editorial), but of course the most obvious one being that if someone or several someones with weapons start prowling the halls of a school looking to create carnage, it would be a prudent thing to have a trained, armed professional on hand to address the situation before it escalates.

I tangled (politely) with a community leader who was on the other side of the issue, during a discussion of broader topics during an event over the summer.

Remember,” the community leader noted, “the police are still just a couple of minutes away.”

“A lot of kids and teachers can end up dead in ‘a couple of minutes’,” I replied. (Point, set and match to me …)

One would hope that the Committee of 100 would take a look at both sides of the argument, but I fear – though I may be wrong – that the deck of panelists is stacked in favor of those who believe school-resource officers should have been ousted. (This is Arlington, after all, where seldom is heard a discouraging word about current governance policies.)

As yours truly has long proclaimed, the pendulum of political craziness swings left and right, then eventually settles back in the center before starting the process again. We are currently self-correcting from the far-left swing of last year. So we’ll probably eventually see school-resource officers back in Arlington schools when a new crop of School Board members restores a semblance of common sense.

In the interim, remember the names Monique O’Grady, Barbara Kanninen, David Priddy, Cristina Diaz-Torres and Reid Goldstein. Those are the School Board members who made the decision to remove resource officers. They are the one to be held to account if anything terrible happens.

  • Scott McCaffrey
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