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Sunday, January 29, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: It's like I can see into the future!

Editor’s Notebook: It’s like I can see into the future!

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Coming across the transom a few days back was a press release from the Virginia DMV, noting that the federal government had announced that it was extending by two years – from May 2023 to May 2025 – the deadline for we Amurricans, who wish to, to obtain a REAL-ID-compliant drivers’ license.

Noodle this one through, fellow Amurricans: Why would the Biden administration, like the Trump administration before it, push back the deadline for obtaining one past the next presidential election?

Maybe because neither administration wanted the blame for the inevitable meltdown that occurs when such a system is finally put into place, and thousands of people show up at airports trying to get onto planes, only to be told their existing drivers’ licenses won’t do the trick.


(At least the Trump administration had COVID to fall back on as its rationale for extending the deadline past the 2020 election. COVID’s over; it must be, as President Biden said so himself. And as we know, he’s on top of all the small details.)

It was before the Wuhan Sniffles of Death appeared that I got together all the requisite paperwork to provide I really was who I said I was – like somebody else would want to be me? – schlepped over to Falls Church City Hall on a day the DMV was set up there, and got my REAL ID drivers’ license. Annoying process, but the people were nice.

So let’s say 2025 rolls around, which I presume it will (though one never knows). Will whomever is seated in the big chair in the Oval Office extend the deadline again? Guess we should wait and see.

LAST DANCE, AS DONNA SUMMER WOULD PUT IT: Late yesterday, the 1,574th and final Boeing 747 rolled off the assembly line, destined to be delivered sometime next year to the cargo carrier Atlas Air.

Thus marking the end of 54 years of production of the Queen of the Skies. Time marches on, but we should perhaps shed a tear that it does.

Where have 747s taken yours truly through the years? Just off the top of my head: the U.K., Morocco, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, France. And occasional jaunts through the U.S., probably starting when I was a mere baby.

Apparently baby Scotty was a screamer on those late-1960s-early-1970s flights, if you believe what my mother used to say. She also would say that her own father, if he happened to be taking her to the airport with me in tow, always gave her a couple of bucks to buy an alcoholic drink or two, so by the time the flight reached cruise altitude, she may not have even noticed what I was doing.

Good times!

  • Scott McCaffrey
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