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Thursday, December 8, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Is Fauci a secret weapon for the GOP?

Editor’s Notebook: Is Fauci a secret weapon for the GOP?

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Republicans hoping to win back control of Congress in November have to grapple with the fact that there’s not a whole lot of enthusiasm for them among the voting public.

Yes, the GOP may ride a wave of discontent about inflation, crime, an open border and questionable foreign-policy choices by the Biden administration to victory, but it will be in spite of the public’s view of Republicans, not because of it.

However, I’m wondering if, unwittingly of course, the sainted-by-some Anthony Fauci will deliver a landslide the Republicans hope for.

The Biden administration had successfully “disappeared” the good doctor for nearly a month, keeping him off TV and out of the newspapers. But he re-emerged last week with dire warnings of yet another variant that may well be wending its way through the populace soon enough, and tossing out his view that masking may need to come back.


Given that there’s a real threat of a nuclear exchange in the coming days as this Russia thing really hits the fan, one wonders if anybody is actually paying attention to Fauci.

Trump voters are. And man, do they despise the guy. So much so that, if in an attempt to stay relevant, he maintains his ego-driven, fear-mongering public-appearance schedule into the election season, those Trump voters (who are at risk of giving up on the GOP otherwise) will be galvanized into action. Out of pure spite.

Democrats will pay the price as collateral damage while hundreds of thousands of people turn out on Election Day to give the middle finger to Fauci the only way they can – voting in Republicans who have promised not only to hold him accountable for his behavior, but are whispering that they’d love to find enough against him to toss him in prison. Not a likely scenario, but it will play well with half the country.

I have no dog in this hunt; most days, congressional Republicans are 99.985% as bad as congressional Democrats. But But here is some patented free advice from kindly Uncle Scotty to those on the “D” side of the aisle: Next time you attempt to put Dr. Fauci into cold storage, make sure he doesn’t escape like he did last week. As long as he is on the airwaves and in the newspapers, you’re in peril of a world of hurt.

GOING 1-FOR-3 PRETTY GOOD AT THE PLATE, RIGHT? Yours truly is going to claim that he went 1-for-3 as a svengali (“sven-jolly,” for you “Seinfeld” fans) when it came to Arlington County Board masking at Saturday’s board meeting.

Those who read this regularly will note that I predicted that three of the five board members would go commando, two would stay masked up. I also noted that, privately, I had determined who I thought would be masked up.

The board meeting started with, indeed, two of the board members masked up. But Takis Karantonis and Christian Dorsey had them off before the end of the public-comment period. So I’ll say I went 1-for-2 on that score, admittedly being a little charitable to myself in that.

Neither Karantonis nor Dorsey were the two I was thinking would be masked up, however, so I was wrong on that count. End result: 1-for-3 in predictions.

Of course, with the aforementioned Dr. Fauci spouting perpetual gloom and doom, who knows how long this latest going-commando period will last?

CLICK HERE for coverage of the unmasking on Saturday.

— Scott McCaffrey

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