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Sunday, January 29, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: If Dr. Fauci can admit it, how about local school...

Editor’s Notebook: If Dr. Fauci can admit it, how about local school districts?

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Editor’s Notebook: If Dr. Fauci can admit it, how about local school districts?

Type in the phrase cover-your-“patootie” (AKA “backside” AKA “tushie” AKA “vertical smile” AKA “the place where the good Lord split ya”) on Al Gore’s fabulous Internet and I’d wager that a photo of the sainted-by-some-reviled-by-others Dr. Anthony Fauci will pop up.

In his decades as a bureaucrat infighter, the doc clearly learned to take credit when things go right and leave no fingerprints for bad decision-making and faulty judgment.

And – perhaps better late than never – the good doctor has at last acknowledged what some have known for a very long time: Excessive school lockdowns following COVID’s arrival were, on balance, a bad thing for students.


He didn’t, of course, accept any responsibility for the disaster. He didn’t tell anyone to lock down schools, Fauci said.

No, of course he didn’t. (See, I can play along with his charade.)

With the maestro of COVID response now acknowledging the extent of the school-lockdown debacle, would it be hard for school-system leaders in the, sigh, dee-emm-veeeeeeeeeeee to do the same?

I’ll even help with wordsmithing. They could just say: “We thought it was the right approach but we were wrong. We’re sorry. We will learn from the experience.”

Will they ever admit a massive miscalculation in judgment, let alone take the blame for it? Not in this environment, where even the education of children is hyperpoliticized, they won’t.

FROM THE ‘WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?’ FILE: If I’ve got this right, the appointed police chief in the town of Culpeper, Va., has appeared in a campaign ad for U.S. Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-7th) — in uniform! — to support her candidacy?

That’s what the local-yokel media out there report, and who am I to doubt it?

Wowsie, wowsie. Being in uniform while making a political endorsement goes wayyyyyyy against employment rules of the town. Whether it’s a firing offense, we shall see. Guess it depends on whether the chief knew his image in uniform was going to be in the ad.

Don’t know who’s more to blame for political malpractice here — the police chief for somehow thinking this was a good idea to get messed up in a political campaign (he’s not an elected sheriff who can do that, after all) or the Spanberger campaign for either not knowing or not caring how much hot water this was going to get their supporter, the chief, in.

Will be interesting to see how it plays out. Either way, it seems another indication that the Spanberger re-election choo-choo seems to not be running on all cylinders at the moment. Unforced errors are not the hallmark of a well-oiled machine.

A GOOD WAY TO START THE DAY: My brief drive from home to work today brought, on the 1970s channel of the satellite radio, first the toe-tappin’-sing-along favorite “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” by Jim Croce and then right after it the disco smash “If I Can’t Have You” by the pride of the Hawaiian islands, Yvonne Elliman.

Good times, as evidenced below.

– Scott McCaffrey

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