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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: I like my burgers the way the Inquisition liked its...

Editor’s Notebook: I like my burgers the way the Inquisition liked its heretics …

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… charred to a crisp, that is.

I mention that only because tomorrow is National Burger Day and the firm RTA Outdoor Living is out with a poll that shows that while about 16 percent of the American public is with me in wanting our burgers well-done, we run behind those who want them medium (40 percent), medium rare (22 percent) and medium well (18 percent, and I’d take that option if I absolutely had to).

About three percent of you want your burgers rare. To each his/her own, I guess, but no thank you.


Apparently I’m showing my feminine side in my response to this survey, as the response shows that while only 12 percent of men want their burgers well done, 23 percent of women like it that way.

ONE RINGIE-DINGIE, TWO RINGIE-DINGIES … This will be the second “attaboy” in a week for the Arlington school system (that doesn’t sound like me…), but it was nice to hear Superintendent Francisco Durán at the latest School Board meeting touting the school system’s family-information line – (703) 228-8000 – which will connect parents to an actual person in case they have questions in the lead-up to the opening of school.

Yep, the ol’ telephone seems quaint and old-fashioned to anyone under 50, but sometimes direct communication works the best. Let’s hope the hotline can keep up with the people giving it a ting-a-ling as the days to the start of school tick down.

All of which reminds me of the early-1970s song Meri Wilson – who, ironically enough, after her one-hit-wonder career was over became a public-school teacher! – called “Telephone Man.”

The beauty of that song is that we little kids of the 1970s would find it catchy enough to sing it out loud, never understanding, or at least professing we didn’t understand, how truly filthy it was (for those with filthy minds, that is). No doubt our parents were appalled.

Want to judge for yourself? Why of course I’ll give you a link below!

– Scott McCaffrey

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