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Friday, February 3, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: I do the heavy lifting …

Editor’s Notebook: I do the heavy lifting …

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… so others don’t have to, apparently.

Latest proof: Yours truly was toodling on Route 7 between Falls Church and Arlington on Monday morning, listening to WMAL on the radio when the news came on at the top (or bottom) of the hour.

Up came a story about the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority receiving reimbursement for the costs it incurred during the summer-of-2021 relocation of people from Afghanistan to the U.S.


The story sounded familiar to my ears. It should have; I was the one who wrote it, as I’m the one who sat through last week’s Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority meeting where it was discussed.

WMAL, which I’m guessing grabbed it from our news partner I—–N— rather than our own Website (though if they view our coverage here I appreciate it), chose not to credit either one of the sites.

I don’t mind the borrowing of news items, but a little attribution would be nice, WMALers. Professional courtesy and all that jazz . . .

PROBABLY NOT AN AWARD THE SUN GAZETTE IS GOING TO GET: Last week’s Falls Church News-Press newspaper included a photo of that organization’s owner/publisher/editor Nick Benton receiving (“in what has become an almost annual honor,” the caption noted) an plaque testifying that the Falls Church paper was part of the Virginia School Board Association’s “media honor roll.”

Shockingly, Ye Olde Sun Gazette, which tends to take a jaundiced view of public-education leadership in the local area (as well it should!), has never gotten one of those awards.

THE NEW BUSINESS CARDS HAVE ARRIVED! Although my office phone number and e-mail address have not changed through the many years, the Sun Gazette has moved offices three times since I got my last stack of business cards.

Those old cards place our address on Loisdale Court in Springfield, after which we spent about five years in McLean and then another five years on one side of Broad Street in Falls Church until (owing to redevelopment) we moved across the street last December.

I finally couldn’t take it, went online to Staples, created business cards for sports editor Dave Facinoli and myself with all the updated information, and picked them up on Saturday.

At 250 cards apiece, we figure they will last us both a lifetime.

And for those keeping score, my tenure at the Sun Gazette has included offices in Dunn Loring, Alexandria, the aforementioned Springfield, then McLean and the two Falls Church offices. Dave, who has been here even longer, has a few more on his list.

– Scott McCaffrey

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