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Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Hysteria (round 45) is here

Editor’s Notebook: Hysteria (round 45) is here

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You could see it building late last week, and now we’re hip-deep-and-rising in another COVID-hysteria moment, even though, if you step back and look at things objectively, the omicron variant may turn out to be a blessing in diguise.

If we’re lucky, it could be the variant that takes this crisis from a killer to an unpleasantness as it moves throughout the population, from nose to nose.

But you wouldn’t hear that mellow perspective much by listening to the media (and why are you still listening to the media, if I may ask?). They’ve gone into hyperdrive in recent days, once again screaming about positives test numbers without providing the necessary of the nuance.

Ol’ Dr. Fauci, ol’ President Biden and sounding really ol’ Speaker Pelosi are all working their magic trying to scare the populace, largely because they don’t have any other issues as we start moving into what could be a rough year for the Dems. But I’m doubtful their doom and gloom will have much effect this time around. People are tired of being lectured.


Let’s see what the local school districts do. Prince George’s (not local, but close enough) already has gone back into lockdown; we’ll see if any of the Northern Virginia districts do the same. Local leaders have promised that will not happen, but their promises are seldom worth much.

I have a feeling that, 300 years from now, the reaction we are having to the past nearly two years of COVID is going to be viewed by those in the future (who will most likely be speaking Chinese) as something as bizarre as we view the Salem Witch Trials.

“What were those people thinking?” our great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren will be saying.

PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR: After just over five years at the current Sun Gazette World Headquarters, we’ll be moving to the next on on Wednesday, Dec. 29.

It’s just across the street and down a block, so what could go wrong? Ah-hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

We’ve already started moving stuff on an ad-hoc basis, and Verizon has been in to hook up all the telecommunciations. Compared to past moves, and I’ve done five with this company over lo these many years, this one seems like it’s under control.

  • Scott McCaffrey
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