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Friday, September 30, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: How ‘M’barrassing!

Editor’s Notebook: How ‘M’barrassing!

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If this old dog learned a new trick during his many years careening through the universe with the rest of you here on Mothership Gaia, it’s to admit my shortcomings, apologize and move on.

(If you’re expecting a prom-night reference here, yes, it applies there too, but that’s not it this time out.)

Our annual community guides ran with this week’s edition, in an “A-to-Z” format where we pick a topic for each letter and write up something about the local area that goes with it. (Faithful readers will note that we rotate this format into the community guide about every three years; we last did it this way in 2019.)

Fun fact: Initially in the Arlington version, “M” was going to be for the contentious “Missing Middle.” But then I had a stroke of genius and decided to make that “Z” for “Zoning,” since “Z” is a lot harder to find a topic for than “M.”

Only problem? I forgot to circle back and find another “M” topic, which means that, when this went to press, it had an “L” and an “N” but nothing in between.

(I think my response to that oopsie-daisy was a word beginning with “S” – may have been “Shucks” but maybe not – since it was nobody’s fault but my own.)

Ah well, if one comes seeking perfection, the news biz is certainly a strange place to be looking for it.

Good news: Our Fairfax community guide has all 26 letters accounted for!

BEING ‘MR. LAZYBONES’ CAME BACK TO BITE ME: While it is my hope to return to join the Arlington County Democratic Committee with its in-person meetings, I must say that running them on YouTube has certainly helped me from a logistics standpoint.

Except that I appear to have tripped myself up.

Until this month, one could either watch live (although there were a couple of technical hiccups in spring and summer), or come back later and watch the recorded videos.

I skipped the September meeting as it played out live, figuring one could always circle back. Except, as of now, there’s been no posting of the meeting on the Democrats’ YouTube channel.

Was it another technical glitch, or maybe somebody forgot to post it, or maybe the plan is to no longer offer reruns. No matter the reason, lesson learned: Whether I go in person or watch it on Al Gore’s amazing Internet, I’ll do it the first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m.

–Scott McCaffrey

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