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Friday, February 3, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Hogan is no hero to today's GOP

Editor’s Notebook: Hogan is no hero to today’s GOP

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Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan had about as good a day on Tuesday as the Hindenburg had when trying to land in drizzle at the naval air station at Lakehurst, N.J., back in 1937.

In a word: “Ka-boom!” (Which, for the record, is also the product I use to clean my bathroom surfaces. But I digress…)

You’d think that the fact that Hogan’s preferred candidates for marquee offices got shellacked in the Republican primary in Maryland would cause him to re-think his plans to run for president. I mean, if you can’t even have an impact on the local stage, why think the national GOP audience would want you?


Pretty sure that is not how Hogan’s mind works. In fact, the loss by his endorsees in the primary is just going to galvanize his efforts to make a bid for the White House, as improbable as such a run might seem.

The Free State’s slightly beefy (nothing wrong with that!) chief executive has gone a little too far over the edge in his Trump-derangement syndrome, so it’s clouded his judgment and sapped his political acumen. But he clearly sees himself on a mission not simply to redeem the party from Trump, but from right-wingers of all stripes.

(Not to be gratuitously cruel, as it is not, cough, my style, but speaking directly to the governor now: How’d that work out for your father, who tried the same thing back in the 1970s? As is the case with most men, we all become our fathers in the end …)

But best of luck with your future plans, buckaroo. Just don’t start measuring for new Oval Office drapes just yet, OK? Might be a smidge premature.

FIVE OUT OF SIX? With all the mayhem going on in the nation and world, and with our president finally becoming the last American to have acquired with the Wuhan sniffles (get well soon!), you’d think The Washington Post would have other things to spread across five of its six columns at the top of its front page than the latest dribbles of news about President Trump behaving badly on Jan. 6, 2020.

Not illegally. Not unconstitutionally. The committee hasn’t been able to pin either of those on him. Just poorly. And even I agree with that. But so what?

Trump’s actions on that day are to rabid Democrats what the “Hunter Biden laptop” is to rabid Republicans: Total non-starters with the broader American public, but they just can’t let them go.

– Scott McCaffrey

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