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Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: He’s gone, time to move on

Editor’s Notebook: He’s gone, time to move on

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Falls Church News-Press editor/publisher Nick Benton last week had a column – “Our Moral Presidency, Part 1” – in which he continued has lambasting of Donald Trump while praising Joe Biden.

Lordy, lordy, Donald Trump still has a hold on those far out on the left flank like Benton, doesn’t he? He’s gone (and let’s be honest, he’s not coming back as a candidate, no matter the teases he offers). Yet he still occupies prime real estate in the craniums of those who despise him. CNN can’t let him go, the Never Trumpers can’t let him go, and the Falls Church News-Press can’t let him go.

Benton’s column called him “the most licentious, amoral degenerate ever seen” in the corridors of power. Maybe so, although probably not, but regardless, how long is Trump Derangement Syndrome going to last with certain people? Its predecessors – Obama Derangement Syndrome and Bush Derangement Syndrome – were mild maladies compared to the very real hold Trump (spending most days on the golf course) still has over his legion of enemies.

Say what you will about Richard Nixon, but on his last day in office back in 1974, he correctly remarked that the rage some people have for certain politicians (in that particular case, him) eventually would consume not the politician in question, but the person who had all the rage himself/herself.


True dat, and that’s what we’re seeing here. Regardless of which side of the political divide one is on, it’s actually rather sad to see people so obsessed with departed (literally or figuratively) political leaders. Time to let it go and move on. In case nobody has noticed, we have some real problems in this country that need the attention.

SPEAKING OF TRICKY DICK: We have an opinion piece coming up this week in which the author (an attorney) calls for creation of a national Vice Presidents’ Day, and wants it to be on Jan. 9, the birthday of Richard Nixon.

His reasoning for the date actually has some degree of validity: Nixon was in effect the first “modern” president – he was given tasks to do by Eisenhower, and for several periods back in the 1950s effectively filled in as president while Ike was dealing with medical issues.

Anyhoo, it’s hard to see this proposal gaining much traction, but it’s an interesting read, so look for it.

– Scott McCaffrey

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