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Friday, December 9, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Here we go again?

Editor’s Notebook: Here we go again?

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Those of a conspiratorial – nay, Machiavellian – bent will infer that, with things going so badly for Democrats on the polling front and elections drawing ever closer, they need another public-health crisis to divert attention.

I am neither conspiratorial nor Machiavellian [pause for laughter], so I do not necessarily connect the dots that way. But it is worth noting that we’re looking like we’re heading toward another Northern Virginia health scare, led by elected officials.

Yesterday’s special County Board meeting saw the members masked up and space out (there’s a joke there but I’ll leave it alone…), with board member Matt de Ferranti tucked away in a secure location as he has tested positive for the Wuhan sniffles of death. (So, too, has Jeff McKay, board chair out in Fairfax.)

That elected officials pick up the COVID should hardly be seen as a surprise. These waves are going to come and go, as they have since March 2020; the question is whether they’re going to be a major public-health threat as they were then.


Watch this space. Because I would wager the phrase “here we go again” will come into play in terms of ramping up the COVID chaos.

But free advice to the “D” side: You play with this issue at your peril. Might want to think it through before jumping in the deep end of the pool.

THIS WILL BE THE SIGNAL WE’RE BACK TO MASKED-UP LOCKDOWN-MANIA: In recent weeks, that kooky Blue Virginia blog site consistently has been touting good news about COVID cases being down down down, presumably to try and give Joe Biden some of the credit (and these days, he’ll take any lifeline he can).

So let’s sit back and watch. If Blue Virginia suddenly does a 180-degree turnabout and starts preaching a return to COVID gloom and doom, you’ll know the memo has gone out to the Democrats: We’ve got to ramp up the hysteria again.

Time will tell. It always does.

WILL ‘TIGER’ BE GRRRRRRRREAT? The Arlington County Civic Federation’s task force on governance (dubbed “TiGER” and yes the “i” is lower-case) came out with the first set of recommendations last night. We have coverage today.

They must be doing something right, because as I heard the first round of proposals, I thought some were a step too far and some did not go far enough. So maybe they hit the sweet spot of a middle ground. We shall see.

The second round of proposals is slated to be delivered to Civic Federation membership next month, with a vote likely in June. Alas, when it comes to being asked to approve or disapprove such somewhat contentious proposals, the Civic Federation these days is far more restrained than its former self; had this been 2002 rather than 2022, debate on the measures would go on in the wee hours, with dueling points of personal privilege competing with points of order, etc., etc., etc.

Fun times for those who liked to report on such meetings as if they were boxing matches. Figuratively speaking, of course.

– Scott McCaffrey

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