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Friday, February 3, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: He seems to be toning it down a bit

Editor’s Notebook: He seems to be toning it down a bit

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Yours truly is on a lot of campaign/candidate/elected official email lists – it comes with the territory – and the post-presidency Trump people are making sure that I get the former president’s thoughts.

Seems like there has been a switch in tone in the last week or so, or at least a switch in length.

What in previous weeks had been long, bombastic, grievance-laden tirades from the 45th president over the past week have become much shorter, somewhat less tirade-y, and decidedly more along the lines of “contribute to my political-action committee” missives.


Wonder who suggested this change of strategy to the Don-Don? It has saved him at least one recipient of these – I was ready to unsubscribe, because it had all become just too much.

(I am an equal-opportunity unsubscriber: I will do it to those on the left, the middle and the right if what they send out becomes too much to handle.)

We’ll see if the former president maintain this recent burst of discipline. I know, that’s like asking Joe Biden to remember where he is at any given moment (I kid, because I love …). But hope springs eternal in each case.

THE CRUNCH IS ABOUT TO GET CRUNCH-IER: Sales data from the Northern Virginia real-estate market for March is embargoed until later this morning, but I can safely share that, given where the market is right now, the already tight inventory levels will probably only get more challenging as spring moves in.

That of course is largely good news for sellers, who can command a premium. But for buyers, it’s a problem, and at a certain point, the local market is either going to hit a ceiling, price-wise, or blast right past such a ceiling (with the inevitable negative consequences, much like a decade ago).

We’ll have our patented full coverage of the local real-estate data coming up.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUCKAROO! My father hits the big 8-0 today. Which, in his part of Florida, gets you called “Rookie” and “Junior” by all the 90-somethings.

– Scott McCaffrey

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