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Sunday, August 14, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Gotta go down before you can go up

Editor’s Notebook: Gotta go down before you can go up

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We at Sun Gazette World Headquarters continue to watch across the street, at former Sun Gazette World Headquarters, as the work crews start digging down on their way to eventually build up.

It’s a 2.5-year process for this major project in the city of Falls Church, according to the News-Press newspaper (and when have they ever steered us wrong?). And at this point, just a few months in, everything has been razed to the ground and the process of removing oodles (that’s a technical term) of dirt has begun.

We’ve got a two-year lease at the current location, so we may well be here when the big complex across the street nears completion.

PASSING OF THE TORCH: Yesterday not only marked a change in leadership at the Arlington County Civic Federation, but also the bestowal (“bestowing”? “bestow-icization”?) of the coveted-by-some Sun Gazette Cup for civic leadership.

Allan Gajadhar, who led the Civic Federation through the pandemic, was the worthy recipient. And as always, even when it has to be done online (it was in person this year), I reminded the audience that the cup had outlasted two previous sponsors: the Washington Star (RIP) and Journal Newspapers (ditto).

So far, Ye Olde Sun Gazette has managed to avoid the same fate. But if it ever happens, you’re on your own, Civic Federation, in the effort to find a new sponsor.

STATE CHAMPS EVERYWHERE: Did you notice that local high schools this spring had a large number of teams getting to the state playoffs, and a number actually coming home with the trophy?

We’ve got coverage of them all, but it’s been so busy a time that our sports editor Dave Facinoli picked up a bug at one of the events, where the sniffles seemed to be running rampant among players.

It’s OK: No COVID, just a cold.

THE REAL-ESTATE MARKET ACROSS THE NATION: Ryan McLaughlin, whom I would have called the newish CEO of the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors except he’s been on the job seven years (where did that time go??), yesterday moderated a panel of CEOs of Realtors organizations across the fruited plain.

The goal was to get their take on the current and future state of the market, and how their locales stood out from the pack.

Those other locales were Denver, San Antonio, Charlotte and Las Vegas.

It was perfect timing, as our summer real-estate guides are on the horizon. So watch for some coverage soon.

— Scott McCaffrey

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