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Thursday, March 30, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Gonna be grrrrrrreat when everything is freeeeeeeee!

Editor’s Notebook: Gonna be grrrrrrreat when everything is freeeeeeeee!

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We all know that being a grumblepuss is not my style — ah-hahahahahahahahahaha! — but today let me grumble about the almost-consummated plan to have Fairfax County’s library system eliminating fines for overdue materials.

It has been a fait accompli since the satellite counties and cities that circle Fairfax’s orbit (no doubt considered pissants by Fairfax County leaders) beat the big 399-square-mile guy to the punch, burnishing their woke bona-fides by eliminating fines in the name of equity months ago. Fairfax, not wanting to feel left out or be accused of holding on to policies of the past, took its time but is now jumping on board, with final action expected by the end of the year.

As woke-ism goes, this isn’t the worst thing in the world. But it’s just another in an increasing number of steps by governmental bodies at all levels to disconnect actions from consequences and vice-versa. And that, in the long run, is not going to work out well, for a myriad number of reasons.

On the other hand, it’s not going to matter much if we keep printing all the funny money and tossing it around like a drunk Navy sailor on leave in Havana in the 1950s. (I know somebody who was an MP responsible for getting our wayward service members away from the prostitutes and back onto their ships in time for sailing when Batista ruled that island. Oh, the stories he has. But I digress.) If hyperinflation hits, nobody’s going to miss the $1 million or so that fines brought in to Fairfax’s coffers on a typical year.


The far bigger loss will be giving people the view that they can do as they like and not face any repercussions for it. That’s what’s going to doom society.

Like I said, it’s a grumblepuss kind of day!

TIME TO GIVE IT A DECENT BURIAL: It has now been 50 weeks since “Arlington Yupette” last posted an item. Specifically, an Oct. 26, 2020, endorsement supporting Audrey Clement for Arlington County Board.

In all of 2020, there were only nine entries on that site, which in its heyday a decade ago would post 180 to 200 items a year.

Even though I frequently was a target of the site (oh, to have as much power in the community and make as much money as Yupette thought I had and did!), I kinda liked the scrappy little site. And over the years, it came up with some scoops.

Seeing it sit there frozen in time with no new content is kinda said, so maybe wrapping things up would be the best way to proceed. And as Vice President Richard Nixon once told President Eisenhower when the president was dawdling on a decision, “General, you’re going to have to either sh#t or get off the pot.” (Classy!)

As was the case with the Arlington County Taxpayers Website, which stayed up, largely with no new content, for months after the death of organization president Tim Wise, it’s time to give the Yupette site a decent wake, proper burial and a sufficient mourning period, then move on. It’s the least we can do for an Arlington media outlet that lasted longer than some.

  • Scott McCaffrey

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