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Saturday, February 4, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Getting harder to 'look for the union label'

Editor’s Notebook: Getting harder to ‘look for the union label’

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The federal gub’mint is out with its updated union-membership data for 2022, and we’ll have coverage coming up as it related to Virginia in our Weekend edition on Friday.

(So much good data in the coverage, it seems a shame to tease you now and make you wait. But rules is rules around here — if it’s going in the Weekend edition, it goes there first.)

A little tidbit: While the number of unionized workers was up nationally in 2022 from 2021, the percentage compared to the overall workforce was down, presumably because those coming back into jobs post-(ish)-COVID were in professions where union rates are lower.


Even so, the unionization rate of the American workforce is now only about half of where it stood in 1983, with the dropoff most pronounced among those of the male persuasion – 24.7% of workers with dingle-dangles were unionized in 1983, just 10.5 percent today. For women, there also was a dropoff but less pronounced, from 14.6% to 9.5%.

Highest rate of unionization? No surprise here: California and New York. Lowest rates? Not just one but both of the Carolinas.

And no shock here: Gub’mint workers are by far the most unionized people in the fruited plain. Make of that what you will.

GET YOUR ESCAPE ON: Are you a spunky seasoned citizen with a taste for adventure? If so, the Arlington County government’s Office of 55+ Programs has something for you.

From our weekly 55+ News column coming out this week:

Walter Reed 55+ Center will host an “Escape Room” for seniors on Tuesday, Jan. 31 from 5 to 6 p.m. and again from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Teams work together to find clues to help them escape. (Registration #912600-02 for 5 p.m. or #912600-03 for 6:30 p.m.)

I have tiptoed ever so gently into that age category, but I’ve never been in an escape room, nor do I have much of a desire to give one a try. If you do, have at it … and tell ’em kindly Uncle Scotty sent you.

AND SPEAKING OF ESCAPES: Who from my generation can forget the band Escape Club and its #1 hit, 1988’s “Wild Wild West”?

A song more musically representative of that late-Reagan-era time would be hard to find. It’s a catchy one, with lyrics that can be tough to unravel, and dirty-minded. Good stuff.

Rather than give you the music video of the song, which is kind of meh visually, the clip I found (below) is of the band from 2012, showing the boys could still knock the song out, even if the Reagan era was long long gone.

– Scott McCaffrey

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