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Sunday, March 26, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Get those boxes packed!

Editor’s Notebook: Get those boxes packed!

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Yesterday marked the first day that sports czar Dave and I took some boxes from our current office across the street and down a block, starting the move-in process for our next office.

Interestingly, our name — “Sun Gazette Newspapers” — and suite number is already emblazoned on the lobby’s list of firms that occupy the space. We’ve been in the current office 6 years and never got that here. Then again, when you’re in the news biz, sometimes it’s smart to let everyone know where you are!

As of yet, there’s no signage on our office door. It still says “Green Pine Consulting,” which (color me Nancy Drew) I surmise was the last tenant in that space. Mama McCaffrey didn’t raise a dummy, did she?

No doubt that’ll get our name on the door before the actual move-in, which will come sometime between now and Dec. 31. Decisions on those specifics, as they say, are being handled by someone at a different pay grade. The news staff will be ready to go when we get the A-OK.


In all the years I’ve been with the Sun Gazette, I’ve planted my behind in offices in Dunn Loring, Alexandria, McLean, Falls Church and, soon, Falls Church again. Dave, who was here when I got here, can count back at least another one or two offices.

FUN SHOWS: This week’s papers will have reviews of two new productions — “Cinderella” at Synetic Theater and “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” by the Vienna Theatre Company.

Both sound like fun things for the entire family to see this holiday season, so why not go take a look?

RIP BOB DOLE: It seemed like it was Bob Dole’s desire to make it to 100 years old, but he came up a little short. Close, though.

Straining my memory, I don’t remember ever actually running into him while doing my rounds on Capitol Hill over the years. Then again, he was a biggie and I was a nobody, so there was no particular reason we’d even have had a fleeting moment together.

So alas, no Bob Dole stories to share.

EVERY NICE DAY THIS TIME OF YEAR IS WORTH CELEBRATING: As this was being typed yesterday afternoon, the outdoor temperature was 67 degrees here at the office. Unusually balmy for December in D.C., which leads to worries we’re going to pay the price later in the season.

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