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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Gerry makes his move!

Editor’s Notebook: Gerry makes his move!

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Here at Sun Gazette World Headquarters, we give everybody that we cover – and I do mean EVERYbody – private nicknames. But as I’m in a kiss-and-tell mood this morning, I can report that our nickname for U.S. Rep. Gerald Connolly is the “mustachioed maniac.”

(It’s all in fun, Gerry – you know we love ya, or at least that we’ve known ya long enough since your days as a Fairfax district supervisor to have accepted your foibles as you have accepted ours.)

Anyhoo, with the defeat of U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney in that nasty Democratic congressional primary up in New York City, Gerry is making a play for Maloney’s current job as Democratic leader of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform for 2023. If stepping over a political corpse was a sin, Rep. Connolly would need to spend some time in the confessional, but he’d surely have to stand in line with a lot of others from Capitol Hill.


(An aside before reporting Rep. Connolly’s comments: Due to redistricting, Maloney was facing off against fellow incumbent Democrat Jerry Nadler in the primary. The younger of those two – Nadler – is 75 years old, and Maloney is 76. Not that age doesn’t have its place, but lordy, do ANY of these politicians ever gracefully retire? Connolly, by contrast, is a spring chicken at a spry 72.)

Now let’s give the floor to Rep. Connolly, who says if he is elected by his fellow Democrats, he will do right by them:

“We need a tested leader who will not be timid in the face of Republican insurrectionists. One who has a deep understanding of the issues facing our committee and our country. A collaborator who can be a bridge to our talented and diverse caucus. I believe I can be that leader, and look forward to earning the support of my colleagues.”

Not only is it an open question whether Connolly will win his quest – ambition runs wild on Capitol Hill, after all, and several could seek the slot – but whether Democrats will be in the majority or minority in the House next year. All signs have pointed to the party losing its razor-thin majority given public discontent, but the way Republicans have been throwing away their advantages willy-nilly of late, I wouldn’t necessarily bet on the GOP ascending to the majority come 2023.

PROOF THAT SOME OF US HAVE LONG MEMORIES: As noted, we have a long and (all things considered) cordial relationship with Rep. Connolly (leaving aside the occasional editorial-page zingers we send his direction – he is our cross to bear and we are his, such is the way of the news biz).

But I do remember the time some years back that Rep. Connolly voted against one of those boilerplate memorial resolutions in Congress, this particular one marking the life of Margaret Thatcher, who had recently, in the vernacular of her admirer Rush Limbaugh, assumed room temperature.

Not only did he vote against it, but, it memory serves (and it may or may not), he seems to have put out a statement detailing his opposition.

“C’mon, Gerry,” I remember thinking, and maybe blogging, at the time, “just vote ‘aye’ and move on — don’t be a d*ck.”

– Scott McCaffrey

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