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Friday, August 19, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Everybody into the pool!

Editor’s Notebook: Everybody into the pool!

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By the end of today, if all goes as planned, my longer-than-expected (thanks, supply-chain issues and local real-estate market crapping out on me!), 8.5-month renovation-cum-sale of the Shirlington condo that has been my abode for the past two decades will be in the hands of another, and I’ll have a nice chunk of change from which to plot my next move.

But for the moment, I’ll be staying in the nice apartment complex in Falls Church that has been home to me and Albert the Wondercat for some months, within walking distance (for me, not Albert) of Sun Gazette World Headquarters and in a locale where taxpayers are not taken for granted by the people who represent them in office (here’s looking in the rear-view mirror to you, pricey Arlington…).

And while it’s taken a little longer than expected, the apartment complex’s pool is back in commission after waiting to get renovated and then finally inspected.

It opened up Saturday and is available Tuesdays through Sundays, although with my work schedule (and my “dad bod,” if Dad was Dom DeLuise or perhaps Leonardo DiCapro in moments he’s truly let himself go), I probably will not be availing myself of it. But it’s still good that it’s open for the second half of the summer season.

SPEAKING OF SUMMER: Our own Dave Facinoli checked in yesterday from the family vacation in Myrtle Beach, and gave me a status update on my former (from the 1990s) employer, the Myrtle Beach Sun-News.

Like almost all daily papers, the Sun-News, once more profitable than a Mexican drug cartel, apparently is a shell of its former self. Dave says it’s smaller than he’s ever seen it, even as the price keeps on rising ($3 weekdays, yikes!).

In good news, however, Dave says the weekly newspapers are going strong along the “Grand Strand” of South Carolina. Perhaps no surprise: It’s too expensive and scattershot to advertise in dailies these days, so the advertisers are gravitating to where they get the most bang for the buck.

Will be interesting to see the Sun-News — yep, Dave bought a few for research purposes and he’ll be expensing them — along with the weeklies, when he gets back over the weekend.

  • Scott McCaffrey
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